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Spelltable lets you play Magic: The Gathering physical cards from anywhere in Brazil

Free, intuitive and without geographic limits, Wizards of the Coast's online platform makes it possible to play with paper cards in live broadcasts via cell phone or computer camera

The Covid-19 pandemic turned fans away from Magic: The Gathering (MTG) from the stores for a while, but not from the game or from meetings with the gang. To play the most traditional trading card game in the world, players took advantage of the spelltable, free online platform from Wizards of the Coast where you can play MTG with paper cards in live streams via your cell phone camera or computer.

“I had a group of friends that got together every Friday, and when the pandemic came, we tried to play by means other than face-to-face, but they were all horrible. That's when I discovered Spelltable. At first glance, I was amazed by all the functions. For me this was a salvation. We start playing every week and it was a real treat to keep playing Magic,” says Bruno Carneiro, MTG streamer known to the community as Markovis.

Spelltable permite jogar cards físicos de Magic: The Gathering de qualquer lugar do Brasil 1
Markovis shows his cards during a game using the Spelltable. Photo: personal archive/Bruno Carneiro

Simple and intuitive, the tool makes MTG games very easy. That's because it has a technology that identifies and reads cards immediately after the player clicks, from a database with more than 17 thousand cards.

“Sometimes we can't memorize what some cards do and the platform shows all the information in great detail. It even has a shift counter, which makes it really easy at game time”, points out Markovis. "The Spelltable didn't let the Magic 'Gathering' flame go out."

distance is not a problem

In addition to allowing the game of physical cards at a distance between friends, Spelltable also allows people from various corners of Brazil to create links with the game community and find opponents to have fun with MTG. “I managed to create a team with people from Rio Grande do Sul, a person from Minas Gerais and even a couple from Santa Catarina”, says Eduarda Weizenmann, player and content creator for Magic: The Gathering.

During the period when the stores were closed, the platform was an alternative for those who could not or wanted to travel or did not have time to meet in person. In addition, many players got to know other cultures and ventured out of the country virtually, as Spelltable allows people from all over the world to battle each other.

“Even after the pandemic, Spelltable will still have a lot of relevance because it does away with the geographic limitation. You play and have fun with people from Brazil and around the world. He is super important for the context of Magic", he comments Edward.

“I've played with people who work at Wizards of The Coast, for example. This is something I would never have imagined happening, and it was only possible thanks to Spelltable”, he explains. André Felipe Rodrigues de Oliveira, player and one of the members of cEDH Brasil, a channel that creates MTG content on several platforms. "We've even done championships using Spelltable that brought together people from all over the country."

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