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Review: Spotlight - Secrets Revealed

Investigative journalism has already yielded great productions for cinema. The classic All the President's Men (All the President's Men, Alan J. Pakula, 1976), the solid The newspaper (The Paper, Ron Howard, 1994) and the masterpiece The Informant (The Insider, Michael Mann, 1999) are some of the exponents of this subgenre, who make truth-journalism a cinematic aspect of difficult, but rewarding appreciation.

It is no different with this Spotlight - Secrets Revealed (Spotlight, EUA, 2015), a film based on the Pulitzer Prize-winning journalistic investigation, where a team of reporters from the renowned American newspaper The Globe, in the early 2000s, he discovered that the Catholic Church covered, for years, a series of sexual abuses against children, committed by some of its priests, more precisely in the city of Boston, a place that is recognized as a cradle of Catholicism in the country.

Spotlight - Secrets Revealed, which has the firm direction of Tom McCarthy (The Visitor, Changing Feet), who also signs the film's cohesive script in collaboration with Josh Singer (The Fifth Power), does not escape the rule of films of the genre, where 90% of the narrative is didactically conducted with an almost excess of dialogues, zero relaxation and, at the same time, accelerated dynamism.

Spotlight: Secrets Revealed | Image: Sony Pictures

Staying true to the facts, McCarthy and Singer soberly conduct a production extremely rich in details and care in the setting of the journalistic world, supported by solid performances by their great cast, who despite the little dramatic load involved in the conduct of their characters, deliver competent interpretations and supported by the realism that the true narrative of the production demands.
Everyone is doing very well, since the post-Birdman Michael Keaton, passing through the always competent Rachel McAdams (Diary of a Passion) and arriving at the best performances of the film, in charge of the great Stanley Tucci (The Pelican Dossier) and Liev Schreiber (Under the Domain of Evil). Another big name in the cast, the “Hulk” Mark Ruffalo, does not do so well anymore, when delivering a caricature performance. They all play members of the aforementioned team of journalists, professionals who make their work much more than a breadwinner, and whose fruit of their dedication can, in fact, change the world. Here, in the case of the terrible scandal of the Catholic Church in Boston, the investigative report of this team certainly achieved more important and far-reaching results than one could imagine.

Spotlight is yet another extremely competent production behind the scenes of investigative journalism. As a cinema, it requires patience from the less prepared viewer, while, as a true story, it is of venerable importance.

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Spotlight is yet another extremely competent production behind the scenes of investigative journalism.


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