Star+ presents its first original content produced in Latin America


Star +, the new streaming service from The Walt Disney Company Latin America, for general entertainment and sports aimed at the adult audience, launching on August 31, presents 66 new original content created in Latin America. The proposal expands The Walt Disney Company Latin America's commitment to talent communities across the region, adding more than 130 projects in multiple Latin American countries and at different stages of production to its Disney+ and Star+ streaming platforms.

Star+ subscribers will be able to access original stories for all tastes, from fiction and non-fiction, starring the most renowned artists in the region, covering the most talked about themes of Latin American culture in tones of drama, comedy, dramatic comedy, thriller, biopic and docu-reality. In addition, they will have access to the complete collection of original and successful film and TV productions, the result of the work of The Walt Disney Company Latin America team, supported for more than two decades together with dozens of recognized production companies in the region.

“For more than 20 years, we have developed and produced the best quality original content, thinking about the preferences of the public in our region. With the arrival of our original production proposals to Star+, we have further strengthened this sustained and strategic commitment to offer locally relevant stories produced entirely in Latin America.”, says Diego Lerner, president of The Walt Disney Company Latin America. “We teamed up with the most renowned local producers and expanded the presence of talent in the region to create fiction and non-fiction stories about themes and problems specific to our region. Thus, at this moment, 66 original productions are in different stages of realization in the main markets of the Latin territory which, added to those of Disney+, surpass the 130 productions in which the Company is currently working", concludes.

Com um vasto elenco de mais de 130 atrizes e atores de grande carreira e reconhecimento de 8 países da região, na Star+ haverá gêneros, talentos e histórias para cada assinante.

the dramas

Productions inspired by real stories and from different countries in the region: Santa EvitaIt was not my faultunclean (3rd season)Limbo... until you decide; the moths cryDecember 2001 (title to be confirmed); series about the history of the end of slavery in Brazil, set during the birth of the Brazilian city, Americana (title to be confirmed).

the comedies

Spirited and emotional stories with local color nuances: El galán. La TV cambio, it's in the;the protectorsMask against CaballeroHow To Be a Carioca.

Dramedy, or, to put it better, "Dramatic Comedies"

Varied proposals with intriguing twists, humorous moments and recognizable characters from the local daily life: Terapia AlternativaThe In ChargePlannersFine Arts.

The Thrillers

Dark stories that invite the viewer to dive into captivating plots, full of unexpected twists like: insanitystar time.

The Biopics

Stories inspired by the exploits of sports figures and Latin American popular culture, including: Pancho Villa. El Centauro del Nortethe king of tvCoppola, the football agentseries about the story of Maria Bonita (title to be confirmed); ringo.

the docu-realities

The new season of Bios: Lives That Marked Yours, the acclaimed series of documentaries that explore the life and work of the most famous personalities in the artistic and sporting world in Latin America, delving into the intimacy of the protagonists through in-depth interviews, testimonials from their inner circle and an archive of unpublished materials. The new episodes are dedicated to: Andrés Calamaro – cuja história é guiada pela cantora argentina Nathy Peluso-; Mercedes Sosa -with the narrative conducted by the singer Abel Pintos-, Terciopelados -with the story guided by Li Saumet, singer of Bomba Estéreo-; the bands Titans and the fenders of success; the former football player and coach Hugo Sanchez; and the actress Sofia Vergara. At the same time, a new season of the original production is in development. Airport alert, which monitors the work of security forces at the most important airports in the world.

Rediscovering Stories

Star + is a new opportunity to discover and/or relive the complete seasons of successful series and all the films that are part of the creation, development, production and distribution path of The Walt Disney Company Latin America team, which will be gradually incorporated to the platform. These are exciting stories like have i met youbesiegedEl CaesarEl HostMonzonthe Colombian GeneralSelena's Secrethere on earth; all seasons of Bios: Lives That Marked Yours, following the trajectory of figures such as Gustavo Cerati, Alex Lora, Luis Alberto Spinetta, Charly García and Tacvba coffee; and the seasons Airport alert which passed through the airports of Bogota, Lima, São Paulo, Madrid and Rome.



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