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StartSeriesNewsStar + | Streaming service announces date to arrive in Brazil

Star + | Streaming service announces date to arrive in Brazil

The Disney announced the launch date of the Star +, a streaming service with content from the former FOX, will be launched in Latin America on August 31 of this year as a streaming service for the adult audience that will offer: content from ESPN, such as live events from the most important leagues and sports programs; series, cartoons, films, documentaries and original Star, regional and international productions, including exclusive content.

"Star + it will offer a never-before-seen personalized experience and expand our connection with diverse audiences. The strength of the content, which will include the entire ESPN range, makes Star + a unique proposition, of relevance, identity and weight to establish itself as a digital service independent of Disney +. That said, its arrival will represent a complementary service to Disney + and will consolidate The Walt Disney Company's presence in the Latin American streaming market ”, said Diego Lerner, President of The Walt Disney Company Latin America. He added: “With Star +, we reinforce our commitment, maintained for over 20 years, to develop, produce and offer original local content that represents the preferences of consumers throughout the region, producing original content with local producers and talents to tell stories that connect with the Latin audience. This will be done through different genres that will allow us to approach original fiction stories, relevant social and historical themes and of general interest ”.

Through the new streaming service, and within reach of a click wherever and whenever you want, subscribers in the region will have access to a personalized experience of a catalog that in Brazil will include, among other contents:



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