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Star Trek: Picard | Series brings back the Trekker spirit

After so much waiting - practically since the end of the series Star Trek: The Next Generation, Voyager, Enterprise, that is, the “classic” - fans of the utopian universe created by Gene Roddenberry are waiting for something that makes them feel in their soul a true story of Star Trek and not just a ride in an amusement park full of lights.

Star Trek: Picard did the honors of rescuing the soul of these fans. It has been a long time since a series of fiction, in general, does not bring something intelligent in its script, with social criticism, a character with emotional problems and a troubled universe without having to appeal to screams, battles and a lot of blood.

Picard is simple and straightforward as a series. It shows an older and tired Jean Luc, even bitter and does not resemble that lively, shrewd captain with a resounding voice known to fans. And even if the viewer is new to this adventure, he will not get lost, as this first episode is self-explanatory and presents without problems the events that led to the current moment.

This is another positive point for the series, as it can explain its central character, lived by the great actor Patrick Stewart, plus the universe in which it is located, without having to be expository to the maximum. The plot presents what Star Trek is without the need to reinforce the same information over and over again.

The series is in the context, for those who have been following for years, of the traditional universe and incorporates, without being incorporated, that world created in the films of JJ Abrams. And again, you don't have to have watched the director's features to understand all of this. The series does this job very well. High point of a job well done by a good team of writers.

This pilot, first of the season that Amazon Prime Video will release weekly, the day after the American broadcast, shows a new world with people who like to attack and put their opinions on issues that they have never lived and prefer to be unaware of - and still have “a formed point of view” that prevails over those who experienced it, even from Jean Luc, who has always been integral to his life. This is a different and more 'human' world with its prejudices, coming to remember in parts Star Trek VI: The Final Frontier, when part of the Federation prefers to let the Klingons die when trying to save them. Here this debate returns, now on the issue of Romulans.

Star Trek: Picard brings an interesting discussion about immigrants forced to flee their warring nations or families that have been destroyed because of them. The people who live there are not to blame for having dictatorial leaders. Even so, the human being tends to generalize in 100% a “race” for the crimes of madmen. This slap in the face, is given even to fans of fiction and who aspire to a world similar to the one created by Gene Roddenberry. For even these end up falling into xenophobic traps, like the ones shown in the first episode of Picard.

For these reasons and others beyond that were not placed here, Star Trek: Picard not only rescues the spirit trekker, but also of all those lovers of a true fiction story.


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