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Star Trek: Strange New Worlds | Series reflects that respect is not a fiction

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds already shows what it came to without 'mouths'.

We live in a world with only two sides today: “yours and mine”. And within this universe, the only thing certain in this conflict between these extremes is that they both claim to be right.

And the only form that exists in this 'dialogue' is violence. There is no other way to defend the point of view than through force. Many series, movies, books, comics and games have demonstrated this. It seems that the only path for humanity to follow is World War 3.

Countries that do not understand each other, that invade others for inconceivable points of view, leaders of countries that think they are influencers, others that defend their mandates on the basis of verbal violence, societies that fight because their side is always the right one.

Violence is everywhere. And in this world, in the 21st century, where we should have on the agenda the end of poverty, hunger, lack of education, a more sustainable environment, the focus has been rampant consumption, lack of empathy and again, the sides that always are right.

For this reason the arrival of the series Star Trek: Strange New Worlds is a relief for all those who still have hope for a better world as seen since the classic series created by Gene Roddenberry. This society with a more positive vision has already shown everything we are currently witnessing and has already given the answer of where we will end up.

But in the Star Trek universe, we managed to rise from the ashes and create a more just society. But do we really need to go through all this?

In the first episode of Strange New Worlds, the series already makes a criticism without 'mouths' when showing a planet not very different from ours that is going through a civil crisis that will lead to War.

With that criticism, the new Star Trek series holds - and very well - with a solid story all the problems of when there is no dialogue and thinking about the future. Living in the present is great and accurate, as well shown by the troubles (again the word here) that Captain Pike is going through, as he learns what his ending will be.

The series has a direct link to Star Trek: Discovery and Star Trek: The Original Series, and it is sad and at the same time moving to follow Pike's entire journey to its ultimate end.

Anyway, if Star Trek: Strange New Worlds follow this critical approach and at the same time show smart solutions, she will be able to go through good seasons and have life. And so, we hope it is also with our current society.

It is worth mentioning the great opening, the tribute to several characters from the Star Trek series and finally we hear the famous phrase “Audaciously going…”, well, watch, get emotional and remember that respect is not a fiction, it is A reality.

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