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Star Wars Day | 5 geek e-commerces with products to celebrate the date

Specialist of the Integrated Store indicates five sites that bring from dolls to decoration items.


Since 2011, fans of the biggest franchise in cinema history have gathered on May 4th, considered the Star Wars day (Star Wars Day), thanks to a pun on the famous phrase: May the force be with you what remains May the 4th. Several licensed products from the brand make fans happy on the day, such as video games, books, comics, mugs and miniatures.

“There are many ways to celebrate and it doesn't have to be just dressing up. Many fans take the opportunity to purchase a special product from the saga or remember the films”, he comments. Marina Ballester, Customer Experience Leader at Integrated Store, the most popular platform for creating virtual stores in the country, with more than 2.5 million stores created.

To serve as inspiration and help those passionate about Star Wars to find novelties in the Brazilian market, Marina indicates five sites that sell products from the saga.

Games Games

Game Games brings together more than five thousand products from the nerd world and has a tab dedicated to Star Wars fans, where you can buy Funko, key chains, costumes, board games, dolls and even lamps. In addition, it offers a Star Wars loyalty program. From the third order, the customer receives a gift or discount, which varies with the fan category. Some products available in store:

Imported Geek

Imported Geek works with different types of products, such as collectible statues, dolls, action figures and decoration items. Some products available in store:

Nerd stronghold

Reduto Nerd is aimed at all lovers of pop culture and brings several options of funkos and thematic plates and frames of the saga. Some products available in store:

Emporium Nerd

The site has a wide variety of products from the series, such as mugs, pillows, t-shirts, paintings, among other options. Some products available in store:

nerd anima

Animu Nerd specializes in collectible products. On the platform, you can find items from Marvel Comics, DC Comics and Star Wars. Some products available in store:

About the Integrated Store

Loja Integrada is a platform that offers resources for creating virtual stores in a practical and intuitive way, with options for themes and additional services, in addition to partnerships with payment and shipping methods. With more than 2.5 million stores created, the company has become one of the largest free platforms in Latin America and the most popular in Brazil. According to Built With, a portal that measures the performance of technologies and e-commerce platforms, Lojas Integrada is responsible for most of the virtual stores that operate today in Brazil.



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