Thursday, 1, October, 2020
Start Series News Stargirl | New trailer highlights Justice Society of America

Stargirl | New trailer highlights Justice Society of America


Stargirl, new series from The CW, is gaining new materials. The company released the new trailer, which highlights the presentation of the Justice Society of America.

Watch the video above.

The plot features Stargirl, secret identity of Courtney Whitmore, who needs to move her family from Los Angeles to Blue Valley, Nebraska, after her mother remarries. She just didn't count on discovering a big secret surrounding her new stepfather.

The heroine will be played by Brec Bassinger. Joel McHale will be Starman, Lou Ferrigno Jr. the Hour Man will live and Henry Thomas will play Dr. Midnight.

With its premiere postponed by the company, the series starts to air on May 19 in the USA.


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