Stranger Things: City in darkness | Intrinsic launches new book from Stranger Things universe

Second official book from the Stranger Things universe reveals more of the past and the personality of Hawkins police chief Jim Hopper


Stranger Things: Cidade nas trevas | Intrínseca lança novo livro do universo de Stranger Things 1Launched in 2016 by NetflixStranger Things it's been a success ever since. The third season caused quite a stir, and the last episode left fans perplexed and anxious for answers. The clues to unravel the mystery are launched in City in darkness, the second official story in the series, which hits bookstores on the Intrinsic in February.

The previous volume, Roots of Evil, sold more than 50 thousand copies in Brazil and was the most sought-after book at the Intrinsic stand at the last Rio Book Biennial, which took place at Riocentro in September 2019.

City in darkness brings together two of the characters most loved by the public: police chief Jim Hopper and Eleven, the girl with telekinetic powers capable of fighting the evil forces of the Inverted World. It's the end of 1984 at Hawkins, and Hopper couldn't be happier. On his first Christmas with his adopted daughter, he hoped to enjoy a quiet night, but his plans go down the drain when the girl finds a box that says "New York", and that's where the questions begin. Why did Hopper leave Hawkins years ago? What is he hiding? Why don't you ever talk about New York?

Although he prefers to face a horde of demogorgons rather than delve into his past, Hopper knows he can no longer hide the truth. So he tells Eleven the details of one of the most overwhelming cases of his career, the last before everything changed. In 1977, after returning from the Vietnam War, all Jim Hopper wanted was to start his life over with his wife and daughter. So he went to work as a detective in the New York homicide division. Each day he faced numerous tragedies, but he was not prepared for a series of brutal and incomprehensible murders. After federal agents took over the case, Hopper and his partner decided to act on their own, and soon the detective found himself infiltrated among the city's dangerous gangs. As he was about to unravel everything, a blackout threw the city into darkness, and Hopper came face to face with a darkness that would change his life forever.


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