Thursday, December 2, 2021

'Stranger Things' gets poster inspired by classic 80's movie


One of the series that worked and is the big bet this year is Stranger Things. The series is one of the most anticipated of this year with its second season. And practically, it is a daily news about the series that promises to surprise fans. THE Netflix last Monday (31) released a new poster for the series, which obviously serves as promotion for the product.

It turns out that the poster is inspired by the film Account With Me (1986), based on the work of Stephen King. It is like The Dark Tower and It, the Thing are about to appear in theaters, the image served as a tribute to the master of terror / suspense and of course, much of what is seen in the series, is inspired by his works and is a gift to lovers of the decade that was one of the best for to live.

Check out the movie and series posters below and make the comparison yourself.

'Stranger Things' ganha cartaz inspirado em filme clássico dos anos 80 1
Poster for the film Conta Comigo (Stand by Me), 1986 | Photo / Playback: Internet
'Stranger Things' ganha cartaz inspirado em filme clássico dos anos 80 2
New poster for Stranger Things (season 2), 2017 | Photo / Playback: Netflix

Quite identical, isn't it? So don't miss the premiere of the second season of Stranger Things in day October 27, Netflix only. And to give you a taste of what's coming, watch the trailer for the second season of the series (which is amazing!), Released on San Diego Comic Con 2017 is that the Thunder was there.

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