The 2nd season of Succession was recently shown on HBO. The production was one of the most criticized of the year, due to its script full of family intrigues and well-founded characters. Some fans are already curious about the future of the series, so the screenwriter Lucy Prebble commented on what is planned for the next season.

In an interview with deadline, Lucy spoke about the creative process of the plot:

“We are in the first steps of the development of the story. One of the most difficult things in the series is that you don't want to be too obvious about the things that are going on in the world. You want the emotional part to be true, but not too parallel to the real world ”.

Regarding the twists and turns of the end of the second season, Lucy reveals that they are focused on a good plot for the relationship between Logan and Kendall Roy:

“We are talking about what the end of the second season means for Logan and Kendall Roy's relationship in particular. And also talks about making the plot more international, that is, the relationship of the American media industry with other countries ”.

On the more familiar scope of the plot, the actor Alan Ruck, who interprets Connor, had already commented in another interview about the future of his character. He will be the only one among the Kendall brothers (Jeremy Strong), Shiv (Sarah Snook) and Roman (Kieran Culkin), which will stay away from business.

“Jesse [showrunner] has been hinting that Connor is going to be involved in a presidential election, but we have to decide how this will fit in with everything else that we have planned. Connor is a mess, they all are, Connor even more. ”

Succession has no release date yet, but the forecast is for the end of next summer.


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