Saturday, 15, August, 2020

The Counter Strike: Global Offensive team at Team oNe eSports will represent Brazil in the TOYOTA Master of CS: GO, which takes place from November 22 to 25 in Bangkok, Thailand. The prize is US$ 100 thousand (R$ 380 thousand).

When the team is entering the e-arena, flashes of victories and defeats, moments of glory and difficult situations will pass through the memory of Alexandre “kakavel” Peres, creator and owner of Team oNe eSports, who last week celebrated three years on the scene electronic sport.


- Three years ago I decided to accept the challenge of helping some friends get into the business. We set up a CS: GO team and I was in charge of making the connection between them and the businessmen in the segment. Who knew that, one year later, I would consolidate Team oNe eSports as a company; and that would turn my whole life upside down, with a total focus on this new business, recalls “kakavel”.

According to him, since then there have been several situations of glory, frustration, challenges and mistrust, and even today they live the uncertainties and doubts of all companies in Brazil. “However, all of this comes with the certainty of being happy doing what I like and the enormous pleasure of having at my side people who trust our goals, plans and the power of individual and family growth. This is my greatest achievement - to see the oNe family growing every day ”, adds the businessman.

This year, with the support of sponsors Dell Gaming / Alienware and HyperX Brasil, the CS: GO line up of Team oNe eSports spent just over half of the year in the United States, competing in international championships. On his return he brought a lot of experience and some international achievements, including the title of ESEA Advanced and Relegation of MDL, winning a place for the current split of MDL; gold at Qualify WESG SA, silver at WCA, and 4th place at WESG 2017 World Finals.

In addition, in September of this year, the team was placed first in the Toyota Master's Qualifier North America, which earned him a spot in the World Cup in Thailand, where the Golden Boys traveled last weekend.

See the CS: GO line up in Thailand

Back to the team, Bruno 'bit'Lima will lead the Golden Boys Alencar'trk'Tossato, Victor'iDk'Torraca, Pedro'Maluk3'Campos, Nicolás'NikoM'Miozzitogether with coach Olavo 'chucky'Napoleon, against some of the best teams in the world: Renegades (USA), TYLOO (China), Heroic (Denmark), Team Kinguin (Poland), AGO Esports (Poland), pro100 (Ukraine), ViCi Gaming (China), MVP PK (South Korea) and Alpha Red (Thailand).

Team oNe will debut on the 22nd, facing TYLOO at 3:30 am, Brasília time. On the same day, at 5:45 am, the Golden Boys face Renegades; at 8 am, the match will be against AGO Esports. And finally, they catch Alpha Red at 12:30. Despite the time zone, all matches will be available on the championship channel on Twitch.

The grand champion will take a prize of US$ 40 thousand; the runner-up will receive US$ 20 thousand. The third and fourth will earn US$ 10,000 each. And the remaining US$ 10 thousand will be distributed as follows: US$ 6 thousand for the 5th and 6th; and US$ 2 thousand for each of the remaining teams.

The Team oNe won the spot after winning the North American Qualifier unbeaten in early October. In total, 1280 teams from all over the world participated in the qualifiers of the 5 regions of the world, and only one will be crowned Champion on the stage at Huamark Indoor Stadium in Thailand.


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