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TeamViewer enables 2-factor authentication for incoming connections

The TeamViewer, the world's leading provider of secure remote connectivity solutions and desktop scanning technologies, enables multi-factor authentication for incoming connections. The goal is to complement TeamViewer's existing security features with an additional layer of security for account connections and end-to-end encryption.

TeamViewer habilita autenticação de 2 fatores para conexões de entrada 1

TeamViewer accounts have been able to benefit from two-factor authentication for some time now, which is highly recommended by security experts. From now on, incoming connections can also be protected with TFA authentication, thereby increasing the attention and knowledge of each connection established at any time.

The optional security feature can be configured for all TeamViewer support and remote connections and runs through notifications push. Users will be able to register one or more mobile devices, being subsequently asked to allow or deny each connection. 

"We are constantly updating our security features to provide the global market with the most secure and easy-to-use remote connectivity solution," says Christoph Schneider, Director of Product Management at TeamViewer. “With the multi-layered security features approach, all TeamViewer customers - from companies to end users - will be able to adapt the level of security according to their needs.”

TeamViewer with multi-factor authentication for incoming connections is available for the Windows operating system. The TFA versions for macOS and Linux are in development and should be launched in the coming months.

A detailed guide on how to configure the product on Windows can be accessed directly on the website TeamViewer Community, the global hub for support, encounter and exchange of experiences and knowledge between TeamViewer users and technicians.  


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