TecToy expands brand and opens more stores in Brazil

With a new product portfolio in the telephony, gamer, audio and hub house segments, the iconic brand launches its first cell phone, betting on the expansion of its electronics portfolio and on innovative plans for the games market.


Recognized for its tradition in video games, a market in which it has conquered a large legion of fans, the TecToy, a Brazilian electronics company, announces a new phase marked by the opening of stores in Brazil, expansion and renovation of its production line, in addition to the development of new products.

Investments and acquisitions already total around R$ 200 million to leverage this new chapter in its history. With a new product portfolio in the telephony, gamer, audio and hub house (IoT line) segments, the TecToy advances on three main and innovative fronts: expansion of its electronics portfolio, an audacious project under development for the games market and entry into the commercial automation market with products based on Artificial Intelligence and IoT to meet Trade 4.0. In the latter, the company has a partnership with SUNMI, a leading Chinese company in the segment.

Aiming to create even more proximity with its consumers, the brand bets on offering services to customers, in addition to encouraging the experimentation of its new products. For this, it has opened stores that also function as showrooms in several cities across the country. So far, there are already 12 units spread across São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Minas Gerais, Bahia, Pernambuco, Santa Catarina and Brasília. In the coming months, new stores will be opened in other states.

“Queremos manter uma conexão com nossos clientes, que ultrapassa o momento da compra. Em nossas lojas é possível encontrar desde assistência técnica e manutenção dos produtos até serviços agregados, oferecidos por meio dos parceiros da marca”, explica o CEO da TecToy, Valdeni Rodrigues.

New products and strategic partnership

A year ago, in celebration of its 33 years of history, the company entered the cell phone market with the launch of the TECTOY ON. Even during the pandemic, it retailed several products in the audio segments (speakers and headsets) and other gaming accessories (keyboards, joysticks). The brand has also launched a smartwatch and has aggressive plans to bring new products to market this year.

Through the strategic alliance with SUNMI, the TecToy is the exclusive partnership for manufacturing, and will feature partnerships and alliances for the distribution and sale of the main digital IoT solutions for retail. At the moment, more than 40 products are already certified and available for the Brazilian retail market, from traditional POS equipment, self checkout kiosks, to intelligent payment terminals connected to the entire structure of a retail trade of the new times.

To expand its capacity, the company remodeled its plant in the Industrial Pole of Manaus, where its main products are already manufactured and assembled and, in less than a year, it already employs more than 300 employees.

A long success story

Founded in 1987, the Tectoy started a new era in Brazil in the manufacture of video games and high-tech toys. In a short time, it won the public and the market with the sale of millions of games and video games, being directly associated with technology and entertainment, and recognized mainly for its video games and products such as Think carefully and Mega Drive.

“Nossa missão é desenvolver produtos inovadores e com qualidade para atender e superar as expectativas de nossos consumidores, com a certeza de estarmos respeitando o uso consciente dos recursos tecnológicos e naturais. Acreditamos muito em nosso crescimento e temos como objetivo ser a maior indústria nacional de eletroeletrônicos nos próximos anos”, conclui Valdeni Rodrigues.



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