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Ted Lasso | Rick Astley was also moved by an episode in which his music appears

The last aired episode of ted lasso, entitled At Weddings and a Funeral touched virtually everyone who watched. It's not the first in the series to have this effect, but the big surprise comes from the emotional moment coming from a song that became a joke on the internet, and the creator himself was moved by the scene.

the episode uses the music Never Gonna Give You Up, 1987 single by Rick Astley, which was popularized by its use as a misleading Internet meme. But in ted lasso, was introduced as the favorite of the mother of Rebecca (Hannah Waddingham), Deborah (harriet walter). It is later used in a beautiful tribute in the episode's most captivating scene.

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The use of the song shocked everyone, including Astley himself, who addressed the phenomenon in a video posted on his Twitter, expressing his gratitude for the choice of the writers for ted lasso to include your work in your story:

“Demorou um pouco para processar o que penso sobre o último episódio de Ted Lasso. Eu sou um grande fã do show, e eu fiquei completamente encantado com o que eles fizeram com aquela música. Tenho que dizer a Hannah Waddingham – Hannah Waddingham vencedora do Emmy – você fez um trabalho incrível. Foi tão emocionante, tão comovente, tão incrível. As pessoas já disseram que até choraram [durante] a cena da igreja, não quero revelar muito, mas … simplesmente incrível, muito obrigada por incluir essa música em seu lindo show … Estou chocado. Simplesmente fantástico.”

A própria Waddingham respondeu ao tweet, dizendo: “DM’d you [para dizer obrigado]. Não vou ser constrangedoramente fangirl em público !!”

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ted lasso she recently won seven Emmy Awards, including Outstanding Comedy Series and Outstanding Actress in a Comedy Series for Hannah Waddingham. Both seasons are available at Apple TV +.

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