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Ted Lasso | Transforming a sketch character into a drama series protagonist

ted lasso, a football coach who is hired to direct a football team. It's a character created by Jason Sudeikis in 2012, for the NBC Sports starring in a fakedoc in which the jokes revolved around the American's lack of knowledge about football.

In 2020 it became an Emmy nominated series for best comedy series. How was the process?

Sudeikis in partnership with Bill Lawrence, creator of Scrubs, came to the conclusion that the series would only work if the main character was “attractive”. If it were a Sitcom it would be easy to create the archetype of the fish out of water that is incompetent, like the manager character Michael in The Office and the jokes revolve around that fact.

The big challenge is: How to transform a sketch character into a drama series protagonist?

The answer was to humanize! Putting features that make the audience connect and root for ted lasso. They put in a talent (ability to inspire young people) capable of winning the challenge (season long arc) allied to an emotional “wound”: pathological need to be “loved”. Along with archetypal personality traits such as: “Shrek” donkey who won't stop talking for a second to Forrest Gump's innocence.

They knew how to work a very interesting antagonist, with an indication that she will convert with Ted's help.

This is an example of how to build a great series by transforming the protagonist into an “attractive” character.

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