Friday, December 3rd, 2021

The power of “Touch”: How Do Touchscreen Screens Work?

At screens touch screen revolutionized our relationship with smartphones. Currently, everything we do on our phones can be solved by tapping the screen, causing the physical buttons to fall out of use.

Although not a novelty, touch screens still generate many doubts and curiosities in users. You probably have already wondered how they work, how they identify the contact on each part of the surface, among other things.

With that in mind, we have prepared this article on how screens work touch screen and what are their main types. Want to know more? Keep reading!

How does Touch screen?

At touch screens basically work through electricity, meeting contact identification requirements, where it happened and what was its sequence.

Through this, the smartphone 'realize' what you are wanting him to do. That's when it identifies whether you want to put a zoom in an image or simply changing the page, for example.

Within this context, there are two types of screens touch screen more common: resistive and capacitive.

Check out more about each one:

1. Resistive screens

O poder do “Touch”: Como Funcionam As Telas Touchscreen? 1
Image: Freepik.

Resistive screens are the oldest in terms of technology. They are composed of three layers: polyester conductive plastic, insulating and glass.

When you touch the first layer, the other two are forced, as if you’re giving a “click”On a computer key.

Through a chip control connected to the screen, the smartphone can determine where you played and what action should be taken from that.

For best accuracy with resistive screens, you can use the famous pens for smartphone. They are usually included in the box with the other accessories.

2. Capacitive screens

O poder do “Touch”: Como Funcionam As Telas Touchscreen? 2
Image: Freepik.

At capacitive screens, in turn, are formed by two layers of conductive glass, separated by an insulating layer. This type of screen is thinner than the previous one.

Unlike resistive, capacitive screens have multi-touch recognition, that is: it recognizes more than two fingers at the same time and you don't need to apply force when touching the screen.

O touch screen capacitive is based on the electrical conduction of our body. Through the sensors, he 'feels' his finger approaching the screen.

Special care for touchscreen users

As we mentioned in this article, the sensitivity of touch screens is high, especially in capacitive models. With that, the chance to open unwanted pages or make downloads unintentional suspicious files is high.

That is why it is very important to be able to count on the protection of the best antivirus for Android. O Bitdefender Mobile Security it has low impact on the battery and consumes few system resources.

It is easy to use, extremely reliable and quick to check, as well as having a series of very useful features to keep your computer safe. smartphone.

Enjoyed learning more about how screens work touch screen? What type of screen is your smartphone? Share with us in the comments!

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