Thursday, 3, December, 2020
Start Streaming The Affair | Globoplay premieres all seasons of the series

The Affair | Globoplay premieres all seasons of the series

All the dramas, secrets and diverse perspectives that weave an extramarital relationship move The Affair, series that debuts in full in the catalog of Globoplay this Friday, the 27th. The case between writer Noah (Dominic west) and waitress Alison (Ruth Wilson) is the backdrop for the drama, which develops from four different points of view: that of lovers and that of betrayed, leading the public to follow the decisions of each of the characters.

In the story, Noah is a New York teacher and novice novelist married to Helen for twenty years (Maura Tierney), with whom he has four children, and travels to Montauk with his family to write his new book. That's where Alison lives. Married to a local farmer, Cole (Joshua Jackson), they try to rebuild life after the tragedy of their son’s death. Noah and Alison meet at the restaurant where she works and the attraction is immediate, initiating this thought-provoking narrative sewn from different angles.

At the 2015 Golden Globe, the work won the title of best drama series and actress Ruth Wilson won the award for best actress in a drama series. In 2016, Maura Tierney was recognized as the best supporting actress on television and, the following year, Dominic West won the title of best actor in a drama series by the Satellite Award 


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