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The Boys | See how Soldier Boy appears this season

Soldier Boy is one of the big surprises this season, especially for fans of Jensen Ackles.

confirmation of Jensen Ackles how soldier boy excited the public, especially those who were already fans of the actor in Supernatural, getting excited at the idea of seeing the actor, who had just starred in the show's final season, back on screen and with the bonus of being once again a work of art. erick kripke, which also signs supernatural. By the way, the series already has another actor known from Kripke and Ackles, Jim Beaver.

However, Soldier Boy is dead - both in the comics and in the series - and the announcement made the public speculate whether he would be in the present core or just in flashbacks from the past, as he was an important character for the world in World War II.

We watched the 8 episodes of the season and told how and when the character appears. Check it out below, but beware of spoilers.

From the start

From the first episode there is a mention of soldier boy, but in this case still in articles and photos. From the second episode to the fourth, things escalate, with videos and flashbacks in soldier boy in scenes told of the time.

The appearances are so concrete, it's possible to speculate if the actor would only do scenes from the past, but then, something important halfway through the season happens.

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now go

homelander It's been spiraling out of control since the end of the previous season, and that's what this new plot is about. When he kills colleagues and threatens everyone, especially starlight, she is Hughie decide that something needs to be done and he joins the The Boys again. That's when they decide that they need to find the weapon that killed Soldier Boy, the only hero as strong as Homelander that ever lived.

In this mission, the group goes to search for the weapon in Russia, which involves several events that unite people and facts that are very dangerous for the entire core of Butcher and company. At the end of that episode, the fourth, they find, instead of the gun, Soldier Boy himself in the laboratory, frozen in cryogenic process.

From the fifth episode, Soldier Boy is a constant presence on screen, in the present. Butcher decides that Soldier Boy is the only one capable of killing Homelander and takes it on with him to find his past sidekicks, who were the reason he was imprisoned and tortured, in exchange for killing Homelander for them.

the references

There are many differences between Soldier Boy from the comics and the series. In the original version he is fearful and does not return to life in the present, while in the series he is sexist, prejudiced and an asshole to everyone, a version of "that uncle of yours who embarrasses you" as said by the production and Homelander himself.

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Like all the heroes of The Boys, he is also a hideous version of the heroes of the famous comics, openly remembering the captain America, used as a patriotic symbol for the population. The cryogenics process fits this situation very well, being the same process used to bring both characters from the last century to the present day.

Nonetheless, soldier boy has the look of Captain America, but also brings elements of another character who went through the same process, and was also tortured by the Russians turning into an experiment of theirs until he became an assassin: the winter soldierl. He seems to fit even more into Soldier Boy's plot, since he has trauma from the experiments that makes him lose all reason and black out - usually killing many people with his radioactive energy exploding -, when he hears Russian songs that played in moments of your torture. This process is very reminiscent of the words that triggered the Winter Soldier, turning him into a deadly weapon.

The Boys is available on Prime Video.

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