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The time has come to renew with Dream Decoration in The Sims 4

Live the ultimate renovation experience and make your customers' dream homes a reality in the new The Sims 4 game pack, available on June 1st.


The Electronic Arts Inc. and Maxis announced today (20) that the package The Sims 4 Dream Decoration arrives simultaneously to PRAÇA and Mac via Origin and Steam, Playstation 4 and Xbox one on June 1st. In the Sims 4 Dream Decoration, Design players will be able to bring their creativity to life and transform their customers' monotonous spaces into fabulous creations with the best renovation experience possible.

"Like The Sims 4 Dream Decoration, we wanted to give Simmers the tools and resources to expand their building skills and showcase their interior design talents in exciting new ways, ”said Jill Johnson, producer of the Sims 4 Dream Decoration. "Our community has always impressed us with their ingenuity and creativity in building beautiful homes for their Sims, and we can't wait to see the incredible new designs and renovations that will be possible with the new freelance Interior Design career."

With the new freelance Interior Design career, Sims can put their interior design talent to the test and make their clients' dreams come true when renovating their homes.

For a successful renovation project, players will need to use their imagination to use the full potential of an environment and redesign it according to the needs of their customers.

As each project requires a personalized touch, Sims must know their customers well, taking into account their desires, budgets, likes and dislikes to bring a new life to spaces and win a recommendation for a brilliant job.

Whether renovating a single room, redoing an entire lot or renovating commercial spaces, the goal of those who work with interior decoration is to make the clientele happy!

the Sims 4 Dream Decoration offers a series of new and versatile furniture so that fans can give a magic touch to their renovations, such as modular sofas, modular shelves for stoves and built-in ovens.

When a renovation project is complete, Simmers can present the newly decorated spaces with a big reveal to see how customers will react, and they can also create Before and After comparisons to highlight the incredible transformations.

The Game Pack The Sims 4 Dream Decoration is classified as "not recommended for children under 12" by the Ministry of Justice. Pre-order information is available at

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