Jeffrey Dean Morgan, actor who plays Negan in The Walking Dead, revealed some details about the mask that the character will wear with Whisperer in this new season.

After being released from prison by one person, Negan made his way to the Whisperers' camp, the only place he had left to go. To the chagrin of Beta, he is increasingly gaining the trust of Alpha, so much so that it even generated a somewhat controversial intimate moment among fans.

In one of the promotional videos for season 10, it was shown that Negan will have his own zombie mask, which will make him a definitive member of the Whisperers. According to the actor, this mask will have a very sinister detail that will make it unique. On his Twitter account, Morgan revealed some details to fans.

“I went to Greg Nicotero [producer and director of special effects] when the mask was being made… and I had a request, which was if they couldn't put a smile on it. No other mask had a smile. And Greg being Greg… he thought it would be a great idea, WELL Negan. And he did. SO she is the best mask ”.

Based on a homonymous comic, The Walking Dead follows how a group of unknown people come together to survive in the midst of a zombie apocalypse. A virus turns dead people into zombies in minutes. While fighting for life, the survivors are faced with several enemies, opposed to a civilizing life after this outbreak destroys everything around them.

In Brazil, The Walking Dead is transmitted over the paid channel Fox.


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