The Walking Dead | Intimate moment scene disgusts fans; see reactions


The tenth season of The Walking Dead had its return and the debut episode seems to have already caused dislike of the fans. A scene with an intimate moment between Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and Alpha (Samantha Morton).

The moment shows the leader of the Whisperers forcing Negan to go into the middle of the forest, when, at first glance, it looked like she was going to kill him. However, they ended up having sex. The awkwardness in the scene is caused by both of them remaining in their socks and Alpha insisted on continuing to wear his zombie mask.

The moment did not please the fans, who went on social media to show their discontent with the scene, claiming that it caused a mixture of chills and disgust. See some of the comments below.

The tenth season of The Walking Dead is currently on display. In Brazil, the series is broadcast on the channel Fox.


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