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The Walking Dead: The World Beyond | A teen series ... with zombies!

Second of fours spin-offs ordering from The Walking Dead, The World Beyond opens with a simple proposal, showing a world after the events of the main series where the majority of the inhabitants were born in this reality and are already used to living among the undead.

In its pilot, the series seems very common and does not escape from a common adolescent work. Occasionally, the script remembers the main subject and puts some scary zombies in little ones takes, which in no way seem to influence this new world. Between special protective doors in totally normal houses and electric fences that run throughout the city, residents live an almost normal life.

But it was not always so. An attack in the past took the mother of the protagonist teenagers Iris (Aliyah Royale) and Huck (Annet Mahendru), who now raise themselves because their father was assigned to field research. It is when this job seems to be threatening her father's life that the two join a small group of friends to get out of the safety of their city in hopes of saving him.

The Walking Dead: The World Beyond | Uma série adolescente... com zumbis! 1
The Walking Dead World Beyond | Image: Disclosure

The World Beyond it presents a very common and even somewhat predictable plot in its first episode, looking like a type of juvenile TWD. While showing the difference of being born in a world where walkers are part of life, use typical artifices to create your goal, like the contrast between the right sister, who doesn’t have time for her hobbys because she thinks she needs to be always active in causes and help build a better future and her rebellious sister, who distrusts everyone because she was a witness to her mother's death and grew up in a more obscure mental environment.

Whether the plot in the future will link the events between the spin-offs or not, is an answer that will only be answered in the future. However, the new production runs the risk of not pleasing because it seems to be some kind of work with a monster, even if it puts some elements known of this Universe in some moments to remember where it is happening, how to transform a death from “natural” causes undead.

The positive side is due to the fact that it is a closed production, scheduled to end in the second season and with that there is the hope of having a programmed message and not running the risk of getting lost in the adolescent theme and becoming incredibly monotonous.

The Walking Dead: The World Beyond opens on October 4 at AMC.


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