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The Witcher | Andrzej Sapkowski talks about creative freedom and slavery in his works

Creator of The Witcher saga, he talks about the controversies of his creation and his impressions about Netflix series.

It is known that Andrzej Sapkowski, creator of the universe The Witcher not a big fan of the game adaptation of his books. For this reason, the website Nowa Fantastyka did an interview with the author where he talked about his impressions of series for Netflix, regarding creative freedoms in adaptations and in the debate about "slavery" in their work.

For those first-timers who might think that The Witcher it's a copy of game of Thrones, it is worth mentioning that it has been 33 years since Sapkowski's first short story, The Witcher, debuted on Fantastyka Magazine Polish. The first book in the saga of George RR Martin, was released only in 1997. And just like GoT, the story of the wizard Geralt of Rivia it is rich with characters and perhaps more dense in content, as it speaks about various subjects in a way that are often slapped in the face of those who read.

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Returning to the series, Andrzej was on the film sets and said, contrary to what many would imagine, that he liked what he saw:

“I was moved. Everything fascinated me there, even took my breath away - and everything was shown to me. The decorations are absolutely fantastic, which are monumental, costumes, makeup, performance, staff and technicians. It seemed like a big deal to me. Because that was. ”

During the interview he was asked about the creators' freedom to adapt, especially if there was something in Geralt's story, whose change the author would disagree with. His answer was:

“Creators of adaptations of literary works for other media have the right to be sovereign creators, with an unrestricted right to creative freedom. However, in the specific case of this adaptation, your ideas may be different from mine. And even when some of your ideas are different from mine, so what? My books are not the Bible. ”

This response was even interesting and surprising, since it is completely different from old comments regarding the adaptation of games. Another topic, this time in relation to the fans, about the slavery of the world of The Witcherbecause it is one of the topics that is most igniting those who know the novels. Sapkowski commented on this:

“This 'slavery' is something like a myth, by which my work has grown - and so have I. The 'Slavic' label was given to me and it looks like this. Why? Because Geralt seems more Slavic than Conan? Because I work something Slavic in the analysis of names? My first stories strictly adhered to the canon of fantasy - I am thinking of the canon of the world here. Well, translations arrived and the world's fantasy industry had to accept a Pole whose works all the most intelligent readers could identify "Polish" or "Slavic" phrases. "

As always, Sapkowski was straightforward in his responses regarding his work and seems to be enjoying the course of the Netflix series. It remains to be seen whether it will really be good. 


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