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The Witcher | Check out the differences between the series and the books

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers of the first season of the series Netflix and some events from the books.

The Continent is a fascinating and completely unique place among the fantasy worlds created by Andrzej Sapkowski, which is why even those who are enjoying the adaptation of The Witcher, for all its merits, may still have some complaints for the series not faithfully adapting the stories and novels.

The showrunner Lauren S. Hissrich said throughout the development that the series would remain as faithful as possible to the books and, in a way, this is true, since the tone is there, the same themes are still prominent and well explored and the struggles of the characters were more or less transposed to the screen, even if they are not perfectly replicated. But at least in the fight scenes, it is always possible to 'let it go', because not always what happens in words, it is possible to replicate on the screen, even more so if what is expected, is that the adaptation is based on the “real” world. . That said, the series The Witcher it requires more than a few freedoms from its writers, which will undoubtedly result in major changes in the story and characters in general. Let's check out some of them here.

It is worth mentioning that making a list of differences between the books and the series can fill a single episode - since certain events lead to others that modify the entire course of certain characters -, therefore, the article will focus on those that define the most important aspects. of the continent.

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Visually, this protected forest is as magical as it should be. Here is one of the points where readers can see that there are many changes, from dryads to events taking place within the forest. In the series, it's the forest that calls Ciri after the princess escaped the fall of Cintra and the clutches of Nilfgaard. She is invited to be with the queen of dryads, Eithne, which offers mystical waters to help erase traumatic memories of loss and war. None of this works and eventually Mousesack, or rather, the Doppler posing as Mousesack, he arrives to take Ciri back.

This is a major departure from novels. In Sword of Destiny (Sword of Destiny - 1993), Geralt he enters Brokilon to deliver a message to Eithné, who dominates the forest region and its non-human inhabitants. There, he and a dryad named Braenn they discover a 10-year-old Ciri, fleeing a potentially arranged marriage. The meaning of the forest stems from the role it plays in the history of Geralt and Ciri and its importance for the construction of the world, since it helps a lot to clarify the relationship between humans and non-humans - including elves and dwarves - in the northern region of the continent. By making these changes to the story, the Netflix series turns the Brokilon Forest into something more than just another vaguely magical location. Dryads also become little more than another mysterious race of people, and both the Forest and the Dryads are much more than that.

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