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Thunder Tips: '10 Reasons to Watch Dear White People '

“Dear white people…” it's impossible not to start today's text that way. It seems "to anyone who can interest". Like that, because it's aimed at someone who needs to watch this series that represents everyone so much. In fact, there is a need to assist Dear White People, not because of fashion or because everyone watched it. To find out why it’s so good, read our series criticism. And if you still need more reasons, here are 10 reasons why you should not miss watching this series for nothing.

Empowered blacks

Contrary to what many people think, the blacks in the series Cara Gente Branca, fight for their ideals in order to gain respect. Everyone occupies “prominent positions” within the university and this visibility makes them empowered in the fight for equality.

Blacks do not victimize themselves

They could use as an excuse the more than two centuries of slavery and perform memorial acts as a sign of respect for those who left and died in the trunk of their masters. On the contrary! They are proud of their ancestors and fight for their memories nowadays, as if to say: “Yes, I am black, with respect and I will not be mimimi no sir!”

The themes

The themes that are treated in the series are spread across all ten episodes, in addition to the central plot of the plot, which occurs from an act of a group of whites at a Halloween party. Themes such as homosexuality, for example, are approached in a calm and normal manner, as should be discussed.

Do you want feminism? Take feminism!

Women in the plot, especially black women, are those who impose themselves without attacking anyone. They are the ones who hit my chest and say “I am a black woman, and the color of my skin does not make me different from any other”. Black female representativeness is something that is constantly being debated in several places with good reach, whether on TV or in universities. And another open space for that, isn't it? Girl power!

The characters have a voice

The series is divided into 10 chapters and each chapter is narrated from the point of view of each character from the Halloween party. Certain facts are good to be observed from the point of view of how many people are needed. The truth is absolute - through the eyes of those who defend it. In certain scenes, the same event is narrated in countless ways. Have you ever thought if in life we used this device? Was it my dream?


I once heard that it is easier for two blacks to relate than one black to another white. And the question is: why? Just because it is aesthetically "more presentable"? It is presentable for anyone who thinks it is, because it is as normal as two whites, two blues, two reds and the like, to relate. The series addresses this, Sam's choice for his white boyfriend. Don't be afraid to expose your partner, have him / her the color you have. Long live love, people!

Whites are also heard

Because of the Halloween party, the viewer gets to see the facts from the white characters, who can also be heard. Remember impartiality? Even though they were wrong in their role, they also have a voice and show their view of the facts from what happened.

Remembering history

All or some know that the USA is a country with a higher rate of blacks - the country was founded by blacks and the spread is much easier, even if it contains miscegenation. In the country's history and daily life, there are several manifestos and events that have marked the world. And the series makes use of these peaceful demonstrations to protest for less prejudice, less death rates for blacks and the like. Remember the scene of the peaceful march starring Queen Latifah in the movie Hairspray? Remembers a lot, only without music.

Soundtrack for black (and white) none defect

There's even a playlist. Listen, people!

There are blacks

Yes, there will be black empowerment!

Dear white people, whoever might be interested ... The series has been available in the Netflix catalog since April 28th. Take advantage of the weekend and that, already the series completes a month, to watch this delight of young people protesting without being pedantic. Prepare the popcorn and soda, call the gang and good series for everyone.




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