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Thunder Tips: '13 reasons to watch 13 Reasons Why '

Much is still said about the series 13 Reasons Why and several reports have come out about so impactful that the series shows itself when dealing with recurring subjects today, such as the bullying, sexual harassment and violence against women, adolescent depression and suicide. Recently, we reported something of public use, about the Life Valuation Center, CVV, which has had its numbers of requests for help doubled since the series premiered.

Some controversies also surround the series, ranging from boycott planning in Paraíba, northeastern Brazil to Canada and New Zealand, where the product was banned for containing strong scenes. The fact is that surrounded by criticism or praise, the series is successful and is still an incredible production. And if you still NO watched the series, Thunder gives you 13 REASONS NOT TO STOP WATCHING '13 REASONS '.

The series is current

Not because it happens nowadays, but because it deals with current issues, so that the young person will understand and identify himself, many times, as the aggressor - that little human being who insists on making fun of his friend just because he behaves differently from you.

The soundtrack is wonderful

To be more exact, it is a separate show. Has The Cure, Joy Divison, The Moth & The Flame, has Selena Gomez, Vance Joy… By the way, that song that plays at the end of the last episode, how incredible. It gives a feeling of farewell, but with a brief return. That was a hell of a trick up your sleeve, huh.

The series was produced by Selena Gomez

Thunder Dicas: '13 razões para assistir 13 Reasons Why' 1
Backstage: Selena Gomez with part of the cast on the recording set | Photo / Playback: Netflix

Exactly! Who enjoys the acting and musical work of the eternal Alex Russo, from the series Wizards of Waverly Place, gives Disney, for sure you will enjoy this new aspect of Selena, who during the series recordings, was on tour but always found a way to know what was going on behind the scenes, including, she knew a lot about the cast.

We have a gay character who “has nothing gay”

In the series, the actor Chris Navarro interprets Tony, a gay teenager who runs away from any stereotype / archetype related to gays in a film production, for example. Tony is strong, brute, determined, has style, runs a Mustang, likes rock, is a mechanic (works at his father's workshop) and even so, he has time to keep his hair tousled and still finds some time to be cute, when he receives a loving hug from his boyfriend, in the plot.

Thunder Dicas: '13 razões para assistir 13 Reasons Why' 2
'13 Reasons Why 'actor Chris Navarro | Photo / Playback: Netflix

Athletes and cheerleaders are nothing but inspiration

Much is seen in films set in high schools, some athletes and cheerleaders who are venerated by other students. In Glee, for example, we see Quinn (Dianna Agron), Santana (Naya Rivera) and Brittany (Heather Morris) parading through the school corridors in their respective uniforms and making many girls jealous. In 13 Reasons Why, the main cheerleaders along with the athletes, are problematic and as human as any student at school. This brings anyone closer to the reality of the characters, as if to say, "Anyone can be an athlete and a cheerleader in a high school".


Even though it is a current series, there is a nostalgia behind the whole plot. And I'm not referring to flashbacks who insist, at all times, prowling the thoughts of Clay (Dylan Minnette) while listening to the thirteen tapes. Even in the computer age and all students sporting iPhones, Hannah (Katherine Langford) could not have found a better way to reveal its thirteen reasons. The use of devices, those that were suitable for the reproduction of cassette tapes, the costumes of the actors, the city cinema, the pharmacy of Hannah's parents ...

Thunder Dicas: '13 razões para assistir 13 Reasons Why' 3
Dylan Minnette (Clay Jensen) in '13 Reasons Why '| Photo / Playback: Netflix

The series does not spare the viewer of any detail

During their revelations, each of the tapes is directed at a specific person who led Hannah to commit suicide. The character's narration about the facts leaves the viewer somewhat enraged by that particular character. Hannah does not deprive herself of any details, however much the camera may not show, about her events. It gives a little pain in the heart, see?

Inspiration from the author

We already know that the series is derived from eponymous book of Jay Asher and as much as the story is considered fiction, to compose the story of Hannah, the author was inspired by a girl Jay knew and who attempted suicide. Clay is based on his personality as a young man. The author also heard, some reports of his wife and some friends, to make the plot as feminine as possible.

Selena Gomez narrowly wasn't Hannah Baker

In an interview, the singer (and series producer) revealed that she fell in love with the book when she got it as a gift and at that moment, decided to play Hannah Baker in an adaptation, in order to "leverage" her career to get rid of characters related to Disney. This idea matured and Selena chose to produce the series, just because she understood that it would not be worth it to be Hannah Baker.

There is a Brazilian in the series!

Do you know Tony's boyfriend, who is seen with him having coffee and then giving him a really cute hug? Well, it's actor Henrique Gonzaga, who goes by his stage name Henry Zaga. In the series, he plays Brad, but it is not the first time that Henry ventures into the universe of the series. Before 13 Reasons, Henry participated in Teen Wolf and Laura's Mysteries.

Thunder Dicas: '13 razões para assistir 13 Reasons Why' 4
Henry Zaga during one of the scenes in '13 Reasons Why '| Photo / Playback: Netflix


We said that Selena got real involved with the cast of the series, that even from a distance because of the tour, she knew who was who and showed interest in them. At the end of the recordings, Selena got a little space in her show schedule and put the cast down. They even tattooed the graphic sign semicolon together, which represents the symbol of fighting suicide.

The character that is the best person in life!

I'm talking about Skye Miller, played by the actress Sosie Bacon, daughter of the renowned actor Kevin Bacon. Unfortunately, in the series, Skye does not appear much, but every time she appears in a scene, it is to fill us with pride: if she shows a nice friend, she is true when she needs to be - because she is one of those who samba in your face saying some truths -, she is cool, has already tried suicide and is not proud of it, works in the cafe, is gothic and is still a witch! It had everything to be a reason, but the “too obvious” backfired. And we love it, of course.

Thunder Dicas: '13 razões para assistir 13 Reasons Why' 5
Sosie Bacon as Skye Mille in '13 Reasons Why '| Photo / Playback: Netflix


Do you need to say anything else? Just feel and wish VERY 2018 arrives soon.

And while the second season doesn't arrive, you can watch the first one at any time, over at Netflix. Take advantage that today is Friday and will soon marathon this series that although it is sad, gives us a reality bath about what unfortunately happens to many around us. And above all, #o not be because.



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