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Thunder Tips: 'International Education Day'

We all know that education is everyone's right and we must watch over it. Our grandmothers used to say that “education comes from the cradle”, and this teaching has been passed on for several generations. The school is also part of this construction of man and has the responsibility to train men and women. It may seem like that political or utopian conversation, but if we really invest in education, do our part even if only a little bit, we will have a better country.

To celebrate today, and maybe get a little inspired, Thunder Dicas brings two beautiful works already released. The first is the film Freedom Writers (Freedom Writers), with Hilary Swank and Patrick Dempsey, with the production of Danny Devito. Based on the book The Freedom Writers Diaries, the film tells the story of Professor Erin Gruwell (author of the book), who takes on a group of troubled students from a school that is not at all willing to invest or believe in them.

At first, the students do not see Erin with good eyes in themselves, they find resistance because she is white and believe that she is some kind of representative of the country in order to oppress blacks at school, but with a lot of professionalism, Erin manages to break all the barriers encountered in the classroom by creating a reading and writing project from the book Anne Frank's diary, where students can register in personalized notebooks, whatever they want about their lives.

Our other tip today is the series Glee, which was created and produced by Ryan Murphy. The channel series Fox had six seasons, a lot of music, dancing, drew crowds and fans all over the world and opened a space for discussions of relevant topics in society such as bullying, prejudice against fat and homosexuals, transsexuality and broke any and all stereotypes of perfect boy / girl. Brought to stardom and revealed several names like Lea Michele, Chris Colfer, Amber Riley and the longing Cory Monteith, who passed away during the series exhibition and the writers, had to change the course of the plot to adapt the characters to the real situation - it is worth mentioning that these episodes were very sad to follow.

In the history, the McKinley High School choir in the past had a choir full of achievements and prestige. However, a series of scandals, made him fall into oblivion and anonymity. From there, with a little creativity and effort, Professor Will Schuester (Matthew Morrison) takes the lead of the choir and will do anything to recruit the best singers and put the school where it should not have left. Of course, in the middle of this trajectory, there are some mishaps, but nothing that takes away the will of a dedicated teacher in always wanting the best for his students.

The series ended its exhibition in 2015 and during its exhibition, it generated several licensed products, CDs, DVDs and also a tour with the main songs performed by the cast, which became a 3D film for the cinema. It won several awards and was shown in more than 60 countries.

So, did you enjoy it? Both titles are available in the Netflix catalog. The days are numbered and soon Glee will be out of the catalog. Take advantage of the holiday to marathon the series or review those iconic episodes of the songs, which they say have a better result than the original singers.


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