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Thunder Tips: 'While You Slept'

Today's tip is from a delicious movie. A delicious comedy that we never tire of watching, with that hint of romance in the right dose. Fans of Sandra Bullock can celebrate because today, Dicas brings the film While you were Sleeping.

Talking about Sandra Bullock is pretty easy. Incredible actress, engaged with social causes, has a legion of fans (and I did not mention Brazilian fans), is the type of actress that suits any style and genre of cinema, but it was acting in romantic comedies / comedies that won the title of Girlfriend of America. The recognition of his work came in 2010, after living the character Leigh Anne Touhy in the biographical drama A possible dream (The Blind Side, 2009), which tells the story of the football player, Michael Oher.

Before and after this film, Sandra acted in several other productions and cinematographic styles, which deserves our attention. In While you were Sleeping, Sandy (as she is affectionately known) lives Lucy Eleanor Moderatz, a lonely Chicago subway employee who has a platonic passion for a passenger who passes by her every day - which later on, we’ll be introduced to Peter Callaghan (Peter Gallagher).

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Jack (Bill Pullman) and Lucy (Sandra Bullock) in the movie 'While You Slept' | Photo / Playback: Hollywood Pictures

One day, Peter suffers an assault and is pushed onto the subway tracks and who saves him? Exactly, our Lucy. After taking him to the hospital for help (and being induced into a coma), Peter's family visits him and in the confusion, ends up confusing Lucy as the bride of the newly injured son, the result of a thought that Lucy accidentally expressed. What she didn't count on was that she would fall in love with Jack (Bill Pullman), brother of her “fiancé”. Well, the mess is armed and the girl will have to solve her problems before it's too late.

The film is available in the catalog of Netflix and joins other titles in which the actress stars. It is very worth watching this amazing movie, it has been 20 years since it was released. It has a very peculiar soundtrack that matches perfectly with the situations in which Lucy lives together with the rest of the cast of the film. Highlight for the dubbing of Sheila Dorfman, the official voice actress of the actress here in Brazil - that voice, oh, that voice ... <3 -. Watch the movie trailer below and get inspired to immediately follow this pleasant romantic comedy.



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