Among terror lovers, many are discrediting the genre and some end up giving up on what is yet to come. But dear ones, do not give up! Hereditary is a film that lives up to the genre.

Hereditary simply represents facts that show what terror is in the movies. Suspense and tension take over production all the time. The feeling of “what will happen?” Only increases and increases.

Unlike some current horror films, Hereditary manages to trap the viewer from beginning to end, with everything a production of this theme can offer. The scenes were very well constructed and the sequence of facts helps in the development of the plot.

The performance of Toni Colette is fantastic, which helps to pass what the work really wants to show us. The soundtrack has a total presence, especially in key moments, making us totally enter the climate.

It is worth mentioning that this film should be watched preferably in the dark, in a quiet environment, in addition to being accompanied. The external noises hinder the concentration of a production like this.


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