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Thunder Tips: 'HOP - Rebel Without Easter'

How about enjoying this holiday with a film tip beyond chocolatious? Yes, because Easter is reminiscent of chocolate that resembles a rabbit ... but imagine if suddenly, a rabbit is thinking of not wanting to be the successor of the Easter rabbit and yes, be a successful drummer? It happens in the movie HOP - Rebel without Easter. Junior (voice of Russell Brand) flees Easter Island to Hollywood.

In contrast, the lazy Fred Hare (James Marsden), he is expelled from his parents' house and gets a mansion, which his sister should be taking care of for her boss. On the way runs over Junior, the rabbit. Thinking of a place to live, he pretends to have a broken paw. Fred lets him stay until he recovers, but unemployed and Junior doesn't want to be an Easter bunny, Fred has the idea of being the first “human Easter bunny”. Will it work?

Well, of course we already know what will happen in the end and we guarantee that it is very cool and exciting. But until all this happens, some little things like the obstacles, will be put in the way of Junior and Fred by people who don't even like chocolate that much.

The film brings great names in the original cast and also, voices known in the dubbing category. HOP was directed by Tim Hill, the same as Alvin and the Chipmunks and produced by Chris Meledandri, responsible for success My favorite evil. And although the film brings these big names together, don't expect anything like the other titles. HOP is unique and is a delicious comedy with a full and chocolate flavor.

With a very rock and roll soundtrack and cute little bunnies wearing pink berets, they make up a police squad for humans to make no mistake. Get the family, kids and lots of chocolate together, have fun with our tip today. HOP - Rebel without Easter is available in the catalog of Netflix. Good holiday to everyone and happy Easter to everyone.


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