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Thunder Tips: 'Magic Beyond Words: The Story of JK Rowling'

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What Harry Potter it is a worldwide phenomenon, everyone knows. And that even after the release of the last book (2007) and last film (2011), the series gains strength more and more and more fans around the world, no one has any doubt. The love for each character, the themes which J.K. Rowling addresses in the seven books, humanizes and gains more members for one of the biggest fandoms 2016. According to a survey conducted by the website CPCOM, the potterheads took the sixth position within the TOP 10.

But do you know how was the process of creating the first book in the saga? It is impossible to speak of Harry Potter without mentioning its creator, JK Rowling, who, like Harry, deserves all of our tributes and applause for revolutionizing world children's literature and our taste for books. The story of the creator is intertwined with the story of the creature, because much of what is in the books, Rowling experienced during her childhood, adolescence, youth and maturity.

The film Magic Beyond Words (or Mágica, 2011) shows us all the backstage of the life of one of the richest women in the United Kingdom and who earned her fortune, thanks to a dream she had since she was a little girl: to be a writer. With a simple and easy to understand language, the actress Poppy Montgomery plays an incredible Rowling and convinces, to the point of thinking that the actress was prepared by the real Joanne herself.

Poppy, who is an avowed fan of the Potter saga, gave an interview to the old site Zap2it (today, Screener), at the time of the film's release, about the experience of playing one of his greatest idols. “The film is a beautiful and inspiring story. You may have had a hard life and still make your dreams come true“, Said the actress. “The secret is to always have willpower and determination“He concluded.

It has some really cool special effects that illustrate the story creation process and we’ll also see everyday situations that Rowling magically adapted for her first novel, as well as her story of overcoming life’s challenges, financial difficulties and even depression. Harry lived in a shoe box, until his older sister, Diane, read it for the first time in a few hours - hence JK's dedication to his sister in the first pages of the book - and supported her in the writing process of the other books. .

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Poppy Montgomery in the role of JK Rowling in Lifetime Channel's 'Magic Beyond Words' | Photo / Banner: Netflix

The film that was produced exclusively for TV by Lifetime Channel, until recently it was in the catalog of Netflix, but by doing that mining on the internet, you can easily find him to do that session worthy of Friday. To give you that little push, we invite you to watch below, the trailer for the film produced by the paid channel Universal Studio:


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