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Thunder Tips: 'The Spice Girls World'

If you enjoyed the 90s, you will probably remember the five British girls who took the whole world by storm with their characteristics, music, charisma and set fashion in the decade where many say they were the best in life. Wannabe, Spice of Your Life and Say You'll be There are some of the hit songs of Spice Girls, who won a film in 1998 and a space in our Thunder Tips, which exceptionally is today.

The film The Spice Girls World (Spice World: The Spice Girls Movie) was released in the late 90s and brings the girls themselves playing themselves in a very funny adventure. And although the film did not please the critics, it was nevertheless an event in the lives of the girls who, unfortunately, never set foot on Brazilian soil for a tour of shows - nor with the group tour in 2007/2008.

Thunder Dicas: 'O Mundo das Spice Girls' 1
Scene from the movie “The World of Spice Girls” | Reproduction: AdoroCinema

About the plot:
Five days before their first live show in London, the Spice Girls live incredible adventures on board the Spicebus and a lot of confusion about his crazy businessman Clifford (Richard E. Grant) and assistant Deborah (Claire Rushbrook), an arrogant director who wants to make a documentary about the group but only misses out, an ambitious Hollywood producer who only thinks about money, a powerful newspaper owner crazy to dig up a scandal and increase sales, and the mysterious “Boss ”(Roger Moore), which only communicates via encrypted messages. On top of that, the Spice's best friend is pregnant and wants them all to be baby godmothers.

Between one scene and another, there is always a girls' musical that makes her nostalgically remember one of the best times for international pop music. Since then, several other girlbands and also boybands they were created, that is, the Spices dictated trends and showed the strength of the girls who, since that time, fought for female empowerment when the subject was not even so discussed. Last year, news broke that three of the five girls - Mel B, Emma Bunton and Geri Halliwell - would tour in celebration of the 20th anniversary of the single Wannabe, but so far, there is no new news about the shows.

Thunder Dicas: 'O Mundo das Spice Girls' 2
Scene from the movie “The World of Spice Girls” | Reproduction: The Spice Girls Blog

With the advent of the film, several other products were created and launched to please fans, assuming that girls were a money-making machine. But we cannot deny that regardless of all that, they were professionals and had charisma with the fans and their musicality as a group - and today, solo - it was and is undeniable. The girls knew how to make the public go wild for whatever it was.

We could write several other posts about the girls because it gives a cloth to the manga, see? And while there is nothing new in the Spice world, we miss them by acting, singing and remembering how cool it was to be part of the 90s. Ah, girls… if you really do such a tour, come to Brazil, OK? We never asked you for anything. Lie, we always ask for that. We just weren't served, unfortunately. “The World of Spice Girls” recently arrived in the catalog of Netflix. See you and #girlpower!


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