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Thunder Tips: What's Your Number

Qual Seu Número

I have to confess that I am a big consumer of romantic comedies. The genre is not the most original there is, nor does it have super elaborate scripts, but for that day when we get home tired after a long day at work it is the best type of film to just watch and relax.

Maybe that's why when Chris Evans was cast as captain America I was already more than familiar with his work, even before Fantastic Four already knew everything about the actor. Of course he worked on many good works that were not comedies, like Cell phonebut it was not as striking as seeing it in No More American Bullshit or my favorite with him: What is your number.

In What is your number, Evans works alongside Anna Faris, who plays the role of her neighbor Ally Darling. The girl is horrified to read, in a women's magazine, that women have an average of 10.5 sexual partners throughout their lives. She then pulls from memory all the men she has had sex with and finds out that it was 19. The story still says that women who have had 20 or more partners have a much harder time getting married, so Ally decides that she will have no more partners. new and the solution is to look for your ex boyfriends to see if any of them have a chance to become your husband. Who helps you on this mission is your neighbor Colin Shea (Evans), a womanizer who has enough contacts to investigate other people. In return, Ally starts to help him escape the women he takes to bed, who sometimes insist on not leaving as soon as the sexual intercourse ends.

Qual- Seu -Número

It is a very simple premise, but it is a very informal and fun comedy, especially with the number of references throughout the film. The protagonists have an excellent chemistry and the participations have actors well loved by the public. As I mentioned above, it is a typical romantic comedy, made just for fun and spending time. In addition, it has the advantage of showing Chris Evas half-naked in several scenes.

Qual Seu Número Evans

What is your number is our tip of the week to watch that day when you just need to sit back and relax with a few laughs while seeing beautiful people.


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