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Thunder FIC's | What are the advantages of participating in practical script workshops?

For both beginning screenwriters and those who have been on the market longer, there is an important practice when it comes to personal projects: The Script Workshops. Available in different formats, the workshops teach you how to format your script in a practical way and the most complete ones give you the opportunity to leave them with a finished project.

This is the case of Script Practical Workshop gives Factory of Cinematic Ideas, of which I was able to test the dynamics. In this module, the proposal went beyond teaching and all participants were able to work together on their personal projects to learn in practice how to complete their projects in the best way, facing the dreaded first treatment.

What is the advantage of this?

For some, it may seem strange to work your idea with other people, especially in an industry where good ideas are practically gold and there is always that fear of someone stealing what was exposed. In this regard, there is no need to worry, in addition to having trustworthy people in these groups, prior registrations ensure their rights.

Having outside opinions about your story is very valuable, as you can see how the audience reacts to seeing it. You're presenting to people who, unlike whoever's creating it, don't know where this plot is going to go and what's going to happen next. The opportunity to test your understanding of your script, whether the dynamics and tones are correct and whether the premise manages to hold attention is very important before you have the dreaded pitching with companies and find out only after your project was not structured enough for sale.

The big advantage lies in the details that the screenwriter can miss when writing a big project, I'm more than a common habit since building this microuniverse is hard work and it's not always possible to think of everything. The different opinions, with the personal points of view of each participant, show everything that may be malfunctioning in this project and how to fix it, always with a professional in the area giving his precious final opinion.

Finally, we still have the networking that is done in these cases, with several contacts that can be taken to professional life.

Worth the investment?

Yes, and a lot! Costing less than 500 reais, the workshop offers 64hrs divided into 16 meetings, with the class and renowned teachers in the area. If you put it on paper, a consultancy (which only has the personal opinion of a professional), requires a much higher investment and is not monitored throughout the writing process.

summing up

To improve your projects and shine a light on the acceptance that your projects will have when put to the test, the Practical Script Workshops are great options, mainly due to the moderate investment cost compared to individual consultations and the monitoring of colleagues throughout the course. Generally, the group leaves each one with their project format in the best possible way and ready for sale.

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