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Thunder FIC´s | When a well-written script turns it into the “best game of all time”

James Gunn, director of Guardians of the Galaxy at Marvel Disney, claims that Star Wars: KOTOR is the best ever.

Games need a story! It's no use saying that just a good gameplay will turn you into a sales phenomenon or just appeal to your company name, it will do you some good. Otherwise! Big developers like Capcom, Ubisoft, Blizzard, Konami, among others, have seen a lot of their games go down the drain.

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One of the most famous examples is from the game Metal Gear Survive, which was released in 2018 and Konami was already looking forward to its great success, which did not come. The title was a failure in all senses, mainly for not having a story, having changed the scenario and mainly the basis of the franchise.

In classes presented by Factory of Cinematic IdeasFIC´s – from the screenwriters Newton Cannito and Marcos Takeda, screenplay students are introduced not only to what a screenplay is, but also what makes a great story. Furthermore, the creation of characters, their universe, the emotion that this story must pass, context, among others are discussed.

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For this reason, it is not surprising that a famous screenwriter comes to the public to leave his opinion about a game, more precisely one that has one of the most complex stories in the universe in general, that is, movies, series, comics and especially the games!

With the word: James Gunn

Around that time last year, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic started to be a trend in Twitter and now it seems that history is repeating itself. The ever popular title of Star Wars reappeared as the hottest topic on Twitter, mainly due to its protagonist revan. Although it's been almost 18 years since the release of KOTOR, fans remain in love with the enigmatic protagonist who saw his debut in the original game. After igniting Twitter with his strong claim that the game is the best game ever, James Gunn continued to interact with fans who were shocked by the revelation, at least non-Star Wars fans.

May the force be on Twitter

While it was trending on Twitter, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic received raves from an unexpected source when the director of Guardians of the Galaxy, James Gunn, accessed Twitter and declared the title as the best game of all time. If that wasn't enough, Gunn doubled his statement and proclaimed KOTOR the best "Star Wars thing of all Star Wars games, movies, TV shows, toys, and comics."

Amid the excitement, fans began to wonder if Gunn was suggesting a possible change from the Marvel to the Star Wars universe. Gunn quickly rejected the rumors, as well as discarding any potential adaptation that would transpose KOTOR to the big screen. Still, fans seemed to unite around Gunn's praise for the game. They generally supported the claim that it really is the best game ever.

Interestingly, the enduring popularity of the KOTOR franchise is always accompanied by a huge question mark surrounding a potential sequel. In response to KOTOR's bias and Gunn's massive support, fans once again questioned the loss of the third installment of the title. Years ago, a game sequel was constantly revolving around the various rumors after the Bioware sparked the idea, and the excitement never quite lost its momentum. Now, with the recent rebirth of KOTOR in the spotlight, the opportunity seems poised once again. It's hard to say whether Gunn would support a sequel to the game, but he seems to be a staunch Bioware fan.

As it stands, Gunn is just the highest profile member among many diehard KOTOR fanatics and his recent tweet only serves to confirm the fan base's continued appetite for a potential sequel. Still, many fans believe that time has passed and any sequel could not match the hype that was generated around the original game.

These are the various reasons that lead to the creation of true and long-lasting successful franchises. It's not enough just to have the Star Wars title up front to get feedback and please the public, you need a good script. In addition to all this, FIC's students also learn to sell (Pitching) their films and series, because for content to reach the public, the script first passes through several hands.

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