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Todxs We | HBO production is a great portrait of LGBTQ + diversity

Series addresses LGBTQ + diversity and also addresses issues such as racism and harassment


The new national production of HBO, Todxs We has its premiere scheduled for March 22 at 11 pm on HBO GO. The first season has eight episodes of approximately 30 minutes each. Brazilian production is created by Vera Egypt, Hector Dhalia and Daniel Ribeiro and will focus on LGBTQ + themes, in addition to dealing with issues of racism and harassment. Todxs We will feature the characters Rafa, Interpreted by Clara Gallo; Vini, interpreted by Kelner Macêdo; Mayan, lived by Juliana General; and Inês, Vini's mother, played by Gilda Nomacce.

In a comical and very detached way, the series begins with Rafa running away from home, where he lived with his father, Ulysses, with his stepmother and half-sister. She moves to São Paulo straight to the house of her cousin, Vini, who is openly gay and lives with Maia, his feminist friend. Undoubtedly, it is a promising production that hooks the viewer for the lack of awareness, but also for the courage of the protagonist Rafa, who is a non-binary and pansexual young woman who is rediscovering herself as a person. At first nobody understands anything, but as the plot unfolds, the conflicts become clear.

A série mostra como esse universo é rico de informações e diversidade. Infelizmente, ainda é um assunto permeado de preconceito, não apenas por quem vê de fora, mas por quem está dentro. Atualmente, somos cercados por rótulos. Somos moldados a partir de conceitos pré existentes e que acabam definindo como devemos agir, de que modo nos vestir, como falar e enfim… Isso não define o que realmente somos. Muito tem se falado de representatividade no meio LGBTQ+. Muitas tem sido as pautas da imprensa que abordam esse tema sensível. A série mostra que é necessário que tenhamos um olhar, uma visão aberta a cerca do diferente. Aceitar e respeitar é uma prova de empatia. Cenas em que mostram como o preconceito e a cultura do machismo esta impregnada na nossa sociedade são muito marcantes e que são temas importantes e relevantes de serem tratados na produção original da HBO.

How many times do we see a black woman who is a programmer and has a comfortable life? Usually, in the plots we see blacks having roles in which their characters live in a precarious way or have a very painful life, they are often portrayed with the failed ones and in reality it is not so. Maia is a strong and determined woman who will show how it is to be black in Brazilian society throughout the series. As each day is a different struggle that shapes your character's life experience.

Um gay que não quer ser ator, mas é forçado a ser…Vini, em especial, é um personagem feito sob medida. É carismático e autentico. Passa uma verdade que pertence a ele. De certo modo, ele ainda esta preso na sua caixinha, a caixinha que a sociedade reservou para ele. É difícil ser gay e mais ainda quando se tem alguns preconceitos escondidos no seu interior. E ao longo da série ele vai percebendo e depois da chegada de Rafa, ele começa a se descobrir também. Se no começo, ele achou essa mudança toda inusitada, com o passar do tempo será algo que trará mudanças e um novo olhar para o seu “eu”.

Rafa is clueless. She plays a lot, but forgets that in one of these plays she can break her face and be disappointed. But still, it's captivating. The character wants to embrace her world and be seen as she really is. It is very difficult and complicated to get parents to understand this. A father or a mother does not always accept the child as it is. In the series we see a father who is stuck with a worldview, in which he was taught and is faced with a daughter who thinks far beyond. The same thing happens with Vini's mother. For her, having a gay son and showing everyone that she is for “frentx” as her son, Vini says. And it is very interesting that the direction and the writers have approached and made this way, the construction of the work.

In this first episode, it is very interesting to see that the production was concerned with the interaction of the cast, with the cohesion of the story and with the tone of the narrative. Although it is a serious topic and needs to be debated in society, we see that the series addresses in a relaxed way, but maintains the seriousness in certain moments that is characteristic of real life. The language is very colloquial and with some swear words that amuse those who watch. The soundtrack is an "up" part. Cheerful and that fits the narrative, it moves us splendidly within the plot. It is great to see that companies and producers are supporting and wanting to show everyone that it is possible to be different. The series brings information. In case you don't know what a “non-binary” or “pansexual” being is, it is explained. It is important to address issues like this and thus contribute to demystifying the prejudice that attacks, that hurts, that kills the minority that is not a minority. Are many.

We can expect from this new production a youthful and thirsty air for being who he really wants to be. No label. Unprejudiced. Todx We it is a banana for those who prefer to be in the darkness of ignorance. It is not just representing an oppressed part, but showing that we can be happy the way we want to be. And as the theme song for the opening of the series says, “I am not obliged to anything!”. 



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