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Top 05 | Films that have the essence of Journalism

Check out 5 films about journalism that show why the profession is so important to society

A special day like last Tuesday, April 7 - journalist's day, deserves a tribute and affectionate attention from Thunder Wave, after all, it is journalism that tells daily stories and that in the future serve as an example, for the right and wrong and in times of fake news and the post-truth, this profession is increasingly important in spreading the truth and healthy debate in society. Here, we also practice journalism every day, producing materials from the most varied editorials, to inform and entertain, whether with a deep or relaxed look, but our mission is to inform with quality and therefore the selection of films in this Top 5 it is to enhance this very important profession. Check the list.

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1. Spotlight: Secrets Revealed

Based on a true story, this long proof proves that it is not pyrotechnic effects, colossal budgets and other special attributes that will make a film very good. All of this counts in a criticism, but the good script, the good direction and a cast that knows very well what it is doing, is decisive to guarantee the total attention of the viewer.

Spotlight is the name of the editorial staff of the Boston Globe newspaper, charged with special reporting that takes months to complete the investigations by reporters. The plot shows how journalistic work is, shows this professional motivation that clarifies denunciations of abuses practiced by the church that were clearly covered up. With a strong cast, this feature very well represents the role of journalism in society.

See the review by clicking on here.
Spotlight: Segredos Revelados
For years, religious leaders concealed the case by transferring the region's priests, rather than punishing them for the case / Sony Pictures

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