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TOP 5 | The top 5 box office in national cinema

International films currently dominate the Brazilian film industry, but for some time, national cinema has been gaining space and its due value among Brazilians. Therefore, this week the TOP 5 column will indicate the five films with the highest national box office. 

Prepare the popcorn and it's time to marathon!  

My mom is a 3 piece

TOP 5 | As 5 maiores bilheterias do cinema nacional 1
My Mother is a Play 3 / Downtown Filmes

Recently released, the film created and starring Paulo Gustavo became the biggest box office of all time in Brazil. He still promises to expand his record, as the feature is still playing in theaters completing its sixth week among the most watched so far in 2020. 

My Mother is a Play 3 is the third part of the saga that tells the story of Dona Hermínia, a hyperactive woman who never lets go of her sons Marcelina and Juliano (Mariana Xavier and Rodrigo Pandolfo), without realizing that they are already quite big. Throughout the three productions, we follow the maturity of Marcelina and Juliano and see how Dona Hermínia gets used to the idea that her children have grown up and are no longer their dependents. 

It's a movie to watch with your family, by the way, prepare the scarf, because unlike what we saw in the first two, this third part is very exciting and promises to make you a mix of feelings. 

Nothing to lose

TOP 5 | As 5 maiores bilheterias do cinema nacional 2
Nothing to Miss / Paris Filmes

The film that is a biopic of the Bishop Edir Macedo, leader of the Universal church of the Kingdom of God, is the second one that most raised money in the history of the national cinema. 

The production counts as Edir Macedo (Petrônio Gontijo) founded the Universal Church and all its difficulties in consolidating it as one of the largest religious institutions in the country. In addition, the production portrays how it was to buy the Rede Record station that belonged to Silvio Santos. 

This is one of the most controversial films among the most watched in Brazil, as many people believe that it should not be part of this list, because the Universal Church boosted the film's box office, buying a part of the ticket and distributing it among the faithful. 

Controversial or not, this became the second highest box office in the country and that is why it is part of our list for you to watch. Worth it! 

The ten Commandments

TOP 5 | As 5 maiores bilheterias do cinema nacional 3
The Ten Commandments / Paris Filmes

The ten Commandments it was the film that dominated the box office of 2016 and won the third place in this prestigious list. 

The film is an adaptation of a TV Record novel entitled with the same name, which tells the biblical story of Moses (Guilherme Winter), God's chosen one to deliver his people from Egypt. The film portrays what this deliverance was like and all the commandments that God commanded them to fulfill in order to conquer the 'promised land'. 

Like Nothing to Lose, this production became controversial for the same reasons: The purchase of a part of the tickets by the Universal Church, in order to distribute to its followers and boost the box office of the feature. 

Elite Squad 2: The Enemy is Now Another

TOP 5 | As 5 maiores bilheterias do cinema nacional 4
Elite Squad 2: The Enemy Is Now Another / Zazen Produções

Elite squad 2 is the continuation of the film that tells the story of former captain Nascimento (Wagner Moura), now a colonel, who was removed from BOPE due to an unsuccessful operation. In this way, it will stop at the intelligence of the State Public Security Secretariat. 

The feature was a success in 2010 because it portrays police actions in Rio de Janeiro's communities. He was in first place in the list of the biggest box office in national cinema for six years, being surpassed in 2016 by The ten Commandments

 Dona Flor and Her Two Husbands

TOP 5 | As 5 maiores bilheterias do cinema nacional 5
Dona Flor and Her Two Husbands / Embrafilme

We arrived at the last film on our list and, by the way, it is a classic from 1976 and one of the biggest hits of the 70s. 

During the 1943 carnival in Bahia, Vadinho (José Wilker), a womanizer and unemployed person dies suddenly. His wife, Dona Flor (Sonia Braga), is inconsolable, because despite having several defects, he was an excellent lover and husband. After some time she marries Teodoro Madureira (Mauro Mendonça), a pharmacist who is the exact opposite of the first husband. She starts to have a boring life, and from calling so much for Vadinho, one day he appears naked in his bed. A saint's father is called and is responsible for driving Vadinho's spirit away, but there is a problem: deep down, Flor wants him to stay, because she has a strong desire that needs to be satisfied.

The film became a classic and for several decades was the highest grossing title in Brazilian cinemas. It's definitely worth watching!


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