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Top 5 | Girlpower movies

The girls have everything. Whether in films or series, we often see them in positions that convey strength, sovereignty and courage. In this top 5, Thunder Wave has separated a short list of girlpower films from several different genres that you need to watch (or review).

She is the man

Ela é o CaraStarring Amanda Bynes, the film has many comedic scenes, and shows Viola struggling to play football, as the female team at her school has become extinct.

Check the synopsis of the film:

One of the best players on the football team, Viola does not accept the extinction of the sport in her school. Your only chance to continue playing is to take your twin brother's place on his team. The plan works until love starts to speak louder for her and her brother's friends.


Top 5 | Filmes girlpower 1This film really portrays the feminine strength!

Read the synopsis below:

When the innocent young Lucy (Scarlett Johansson) agrees to carry drugs inside her stomach, she doesn't know the risks she takes very well. By chance, she ends up absorbing the drugs, and an unexpected effect happens: Lucy gains superhuman powers, including telekinesis, the absence of pain and the ability to acquire knowledge instantly.



The entire trilogy of the film shows how Tris is a heroine who fights against the system with all her strength and courage.


In the futuristic city of Chicago, when Beatrice turns 16, she must choose between the different factions in which the city is divided. Each represents a different value and, unlike her family, the young woman opts for the fearless faction, Audacity. She then becomes Tris and begins a journey to dispel her fears and discover who she really is. During this journey, she ends up meeting young Four, an experienced boy who has the gift of intriguing and enchanting her at the same time.

Wonder Woman

Top 5 | Filmes girlpower 2This movie is wonderful. Diana fights with courage and determination to save humanity.

Check out the synopsis:

Trained from an early age to be an unbeatable warrior, Diana Prince never left the paradisiacal island where she is recognized as princess of the Amazon. When pilot Steve Trevor crashes and crashes on a local beach, she discovers that an unprecedented war is spreading across the world and decides to leave her home certain that she can stop the conflict. Struggling to end all struggles, Diana realizes the reach of her powers and her true mission on Earth.

Hunger Games

Jogos Vorazes- A Esperança Parte 1
The Hunger Games - Hope Part 1

Like all the characters in the previous films mentioned in that list, Katniss Everdeen also shows a lot of courage and determination in the fight for her survival and that of the people she cares about.


In the region formerly known as North America, the Capital of Panem controls 12 districts and forces them to choose a boy and a girl, known as tributes, to compete in an annual televised event. All citizens watch the dreaded games, in which young people fight to the death, so that only one wins. Young Katniss Everdeen, from District 12, relies on hunting skills and skill with the bow, as well as keen instincts, in this deadly competition.

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