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Top 5 | Movies to watch if you liked Parasite

The Oscar surprised when giving the Oscar for best film went to Parasite. The feature was directed by Bong Joon-ho who already started taking the Palme d'Or at Cannes. Due to the brilliant production, Parasite makes us question why we do not see other productions, in addition to those produced by Hollywoodians, and films from other places are also good.

That’s why we’ve listed five films that should be viewed by those Parasite:

The Maid (2010)

Top 5 | Filmes para assistir se gostou de Parasita 1
Promotional poster for The Maid / Reproduction

Lee Eun-yi is hired by a governess of Korean aristocrats to work as a nanny and maid. In the luxurious environment live the executive Hoon, his wife Hae-ra, who is pregnant with twins, and his young daughter, Nami. Eun-yi is received and soon adapts to new life. However, on a trip that accompanies the family to take care of the couple's little daughter, she ends up getting involved with the boss and soon other people discover the forbidden relationship between the two.

A difficult day (2014)

Top 5 | Filmes para assistir se gostou de Parasita 2
A difficult day promotional poster / Reproduction

In the feature, we met Detective Gun-Su (Lee Sun-kyun), a man who lives a simple life alongside his family. On the day of his mother's funeral, when he was driving down a deserted avenue, he was involved in an accident. Desperate and not knowing what to do, he has the idea of hiding the victim's body inside his mother's coffin. With a heavy conscience, but thinking that everything was resolved, Gun-Su is surprised once again with an anonymous call saying he knows everything that happened causing the detective to do everything to find the puzzle piece and get out of it.

The Maid (2016)

Top 5 | Filmes para assistir se gostou de Parasita 3
Cast of The Maid / Reproduction

The Maid is set in Korea in the 1930s, a time when the country lived under Japanese occupation. The plot runs in three acts, with a peculiar main scenario standing out: the imposing palace that combines the architectural style of the great British country estates also brings spaces characteristic of traditional Japanese residences - uses and customs of the characters also combine the two cultures, provoking a inventive sensory shuffling in the set design and costumes. The film is for people over 18, although it has no blood, it is full of twists and eroticism. The feature shakes the viewer hard.

The Taxi Driver

Top 5 | Filmes para assistir se gostou de Parasita 4
Promotional poster for the taxi driver / Reproduction

The film, says straight away that it is based on real events, but it is a speculative story of what happened between the moment the rascal taxi driver Kim (Song Kang-ho) decides, for money, to take a German journalist to the tumultuous region of Gwangju, stage of popular protests violently repressed by a conservative military force, which wants to impose the dictatorship in the country. Beforehand, Kim is indifferent to the situation, being also kept in the dark by his passenger Hinzpeter (Thomas Kretschmann). However, the plot unfolds and awakens the taxi driver, who still has an only daughter with whom he seeks greater intimacy.

Check out the review by clicking on here.

Tuned to you

Top 5 | Filmes para assistir se gostou de Parasita 5
Mi-su and Hyeon-u, the Tuned in You / Netflix couple

The film tells the story of a couple who met while still young during the 90s (more specifically in the year 1994). Fate always brings them together and separates them, making each one discover more about their lives both alone and as a couple. This is not a cliché, it goes further by addressing issues such as forgiveness and the courage to move on. Subjects like these, we do not see in all comedies or melodramas scattered around.


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