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Top 5 | Movies for you to watch with your mom

Productions of different genres and themes for you to share with your mother on this special day

Mother's Day is coming, but do you know the origin of that date? This celebration originated in Greece and Ancient Rome, more precisely in the spring festivals. In these events there were worship services for the deities that represented mothers, such as the Goddesses Reia, mother of the gods, or Cybele, the Roman mother Goddess, also known as Magna Mater. As time went by, this celebration grew and acquired a prominent place on the commemorative dates, being celebrated in almost all parts of the world, at different times. Despite this, the celebration gained greater visibility from the efforts of Anna Jarvis (1864-1948), a young American woman who had lost her mother, activist Ann Maria Reeves Jarvis, in 1905. And to celebrate this special date, we selected five movies for you to enjoy with your mom. Check the list below.

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1. My Mother is a Piece - Franchise

The plot of My mother is a piece it is quite simple, and basically serves to make room for the crusty and exaggerated way of Paulo Gustavo. Controlling Mother, Dona Hermínia she goes into shock when she accidentally hears her children complaining about her and saying she prefers her father, who left her for a much younger woman. Determined to reorganize her life, she leaves the house and goes to spend time with an aunt. There, amidst memories and regrets, he recalls typical situations of any middle-class family, such as the fight against his daughter's obesity, the shock of realizing the younger son's homosexuality, antipathy towards the older son's wife, the disagreements with the sister who is next door, the loss of the golden nephew in an unexpected accident. Everything, of course, tempered with the typical humor of the actor who follows a “love or hate” line, as he invests in the politically incorrect and leaves aside ceremonies or greater care.

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Paulo Gustavo plays the exaggerated Dona Herminia
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