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Top 5 | Readings to commemorate Book Day

The world today celebrates the Book Day and Thunder Wave listed five incredible books to read during the quarantine. Annually, April 23 is celebrated the world day of the book that honors famous writers and works and in addition, it aims to encourage reading. When we have the habit of reading, we become more creative, we speak and write better and it is in books that we discover other worlds without leaving the comfort of our home. Check out our top.

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1. Sudden death

This time, let's take Harry Potter focus and highlight this book from J.K. Rowling, Sudden death it could become a serious one, since it is a big book and tells the story of the city of Pagford from the moment that one of the district councilors, Barry Fairbrother, has a stroke and falls dead in a parking lot. Barry was a happy person who made people feel good by his side. He was concerned about the poor areas of the place. His death brings, more than a vacancy in the council, a vacancy also in the lives of several residents of the city. It is about these casual vacancies (hence the English name, The Casual Vacancy) that the book is about. From the death of Fairbrother, the story of each character is being told and the bad side of each one is exposed. They are petty, vain, bitter, insecure, weak, power hungry, submissive. People like us, who have flaws and qualities and who become aware after Barry's sudden departure.

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Resenha Morte Subita
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