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Top 5 | Books to read on vacation

The holidays have arrived - or are coming - for many students (and for some people who work as well) so, nothing better than to rest reading some wonderful books for lovers of teen literature. In this Top 5 we have separated a short list of some books on youth literature that can take you away from a tedious vacation.

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1. Strangers - Beatriz Christine

In addition to being written by a Brazilian, the book has striking and irreverent characters.

Synopsis: Miguel dreamed of belonging somewhere, while Anne struggled to be free. He, haunted by memories of a devastating mistake, now aged 17, moves with his uncles to the small town in the interior of São Paulo called Arvoredo. New city, new home and a new neighbor: Anne. She, the listless girl, who had a negative label in the city, had a dream that, if realized, would take her away.

Was there anything in it besides what everyone said?

With friendship, forgiveness and love, the most important lesson for him will be that the hand that raises you may not be that of your parents or your best friend, sometimes it may come from a stranger.

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