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Top 5 | Books that will make you cry

There are many books that move us. There are authors who manage to get us into history so deeply that they can even tear us away. In that Top 5 we have put together some books that at some point while reading, will make you emotional. Check out!

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1. At First Sight - Nicholas Sparks

Nicholas Sparks is an author known for writing books that move us, and with At first sight it would be no different. This book is marked by doubts and some moments that will leave you with a tight heart.

Check the synopsis of the book:

Jeremy Marsh he had three certainties: he would never move from New York, he would not fall in love again and he would never have children. But now he is about to marry Lexie Darnell and awaits the arrival of her first daughter, as she leads the renovation of her new home in the small town of Bonne Creek, North Carolina.

Amid so many changes, Jeremy he struggles to find his personal and professional balance with the woman who made him change all his plans. When everything seems to be getting on track, Jeremy receives a mysterious email that starts a series of events that will test the strength of that passion.

Tormented by the idea of being betrayed, experiencing a creative crisis that prevents him from working and anguished with the complicated pregnancy of Lexie, he couldn't imagine that the worst - and the best - is yet to come. At first sight captures all the uncertainty, tension and anguish of the life of this young couple, but it also portrays the romanticism, the companionship, the discovery, the maturation that only true love can provide“.

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Cover of the book “À Primeira Vista”, by Nicholas Sparks | Photo / Reproduction: Editora Arqueiro
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