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Top 5: Best films by John Hughes, director and screenwriter of great teen classics

Eighteenth-century nostalgia is good in this quarantine

No doubt, John Hugues has the ability to approach the teen scene from different angles, from drama to comedy plus banana. Another very important aspect is the 80's setting of his productions, such as technologies, clothes, habits, hair, in short, to enjoy with all the family all the nostalgia of the 80's of Hugues. Remember some of the classics on our list:

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1. Clube dos Cinco - The Breakfast Club (1985)

It is one of the most cult on the list and also a favorite of many people. With a simple plot, the story takes place in just one day, in the school environment, with very few characters, however, it conveys the reality of what goes on in the minds of these young people, their concerns, anxieties, fears, dreams, desires… the truths within their differences and similarities at the same time, showing that deep down we are all the same. Netflix I Am Not Okay With Thisdedicate your fifth entire episode to honor this super production.

Top 5 : Melhores filmes de John Hughes, diretor e roteirista de grandes clássicos adolescentes 3
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