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Top 5 | Reasons to attend Dance Academy


Dance Academy was an Australian series that premiered on May 30, 2010 and was a hit with teenagers. Written by Samantha Strauss, the series has 3 seasons and a movie that was released in 2017.

The protagonist of Dance Academy called Tara Webster, a dreamy dancer who takes a test to study at the National Dance Academy. She passes, but the biggest tests that Tara will have to face are inside the dance school.

In this Top 5, we show 5 reasons for you to watch this light and wonderful series.

The series has romance

What is life without a romance, isn't it? Even with their heads full of problems and concerns regarding their performance within the National Dance Academy, the characters still find some time to fall in love and live novels.

The choreographies are wonderful

The countless dance scenes that exist in the series are very good to watch, and some choreographies manage to pass a great emotion, especially the scenes in which a character is very sad and ends up relieving his pain through dance.

Dance Academy exalts friendship

In the world of ballet there is a very high competitiveness and rivalry, and although the series shows a little bit of this side of the characters, we can still see how the characters are able to become friends with each other, support each other and help each other sincerely. There are several scenes that show that the bond that exists between them is strong, and that is very beautiful.

The series is light and tasty to watch

Dance Academy is definitely not a sickening series. Each episode causes a different kind of sensation, and the plot gets you involved with the characters in an addictive way. When you least expect it, you'll be marathon the whole series!

Dance Academy doesn't just focus on the protagonist

Although the story has a greater focus on Tara Webster, the series doesn't just show her problems and thoughts. Other characters, who are just as important for the construction of the plot, appear a lot and manage to stand out because of their problems, dilemmas and concerns. Each character has his plot built in a way that holds the viewer, and that makes the series better.



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