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Top 5 | The five best films directed by women

Even with little representation, women are increasingly conquering their space in the cinema. With productions worthy of awards and good reviews, many of these productions are not tied to the “female” gender, quite the contrary. Many of the directors move from drama to terror, from romance to comedy, which most of the time raise important issues to be discussed in society. Our list today brings Kathryn Bigelow, Greta Gerwig, Anna Muylaert, Patty Jenkins and Mary Harron. Great films directed by great directors.

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1. War on Terror, 2010

The principal Kathryn Bigelow she became the first woman to win the Oscar for Direction with this drama that has as a backdrop the routine of a platoon specialized in identifying and defusing bombs hidden among the rubble of the chaos in which Iraq is. Jeremy Renner he is the impetuous sergeant who acts arrogantly, disregarding the risks that could endanger his own life and that of his colleagues. However, it is with this boldness that he achieves unexpected results. Due to Renner's good performance, we see both sides of the coin - is that insanity or determination? Justice or detachment?

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Scene from the film War on Terror
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