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TOP 5 | Incredible parents of fiction for you to meet on this special date

Fatherhood changes the life of a man and for the child, the father is a new universe alongside the mother and synonymous with partnership

It is a fact that the father is one of the most important figures in a person's life. It is synonymous with care and partnership, with authority and complicity, with strength and courage. Being a father is also good for the man, who discovers a new love. However, according to data from the National Council of Justice (CNJ), based on the 2011 School Census, point out that there are 5.5 million Brazilian children without their father's name on the birth certificate. Often the role of father is performed by the mother herself, the stepfather, the uncle, the grandfather ... less by her parent. The fact is that, regardless of who performs such a role in the life of a human being, that date is deserved. Whoever creates, gives love, affection, support, guides, advises and is side by side, is more than a father. He's a super dad. Being a father is not an easy task! But with love and care, it becomes much easier! And to make this special moment between parents and children more enjoyable, we made a selection of the best parents of fiction, no matter if it's blood, whether it's male or female. The important thing is the affection that this person has with the children. Happy Fathers Day!! Check it out below.

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1. Chris Gardner - Single father

Will Smith plays Chris Gardner in The Pursuit of Happiness / Reproduction

There are few who understand the true message of this scene ... Notice, the boy was playing very excited and when his father said that his dream was something impossible, he stopped and started to keep the ball. And it happens a lot. We often let people influence our choices, we often judge someone else's opinion more important than our desire. However, this same father who said it was impossible, realized that he was the person to encourage the boy to dream and to run after his dreams. This is one of the qualities of a father: knowing how to encourage children from an early age.

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