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TOP 5 | Series that every nerd should watch

On the 25th, the Nerd Pride Day was celebrated. But do you know what that day is? Stereotyped profile since school became a basic rule in the education of society. Who never thought that that “four-eyed” boy, who got along at all the science fairs, who didn't pick up any girl, had a good physics and was always with a comic book wasn't the weirdo in the class? Or yet, that boy who had infinite collections of dolls and knew all the lines of the Star Wars characters? This stereotyped profile, is the famous nerd who stopped being considered weird and left the base of the popularity pyramid and started to occupy the top. Of course, nerds have always existed, but after the pop scene and the cultural market recognized this group that made and makes history, being a nerd is like being "cult". Everyone wants to be nerds even if they don't know a character from this universe and limit themselves to buying tops with the Captain America shield. However, today's post is to honor this group that loves nerds.

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1. Chuck

Chuck Bartowski is a "computer genius" nerd who has a monotonous job at the fictional Buy More chain. His routine turns upside down when a friend, who works at the CIA, sends Chuck a mysterious e-mail, and now the world's biggest secret information is in his brain. He accidentally became the government's greatest weapon, and the fate of the country and the world is in your hands. To keep him safe, the CIA and NSA send two secret agents who need to be with Chuck at all times to keep him alive. Sarah Walker (Yvonne Strahovski) pretends to be his girlfriend so that he can be close to him and at the same time, he tries to keep his secret hidden from friends and his sister. 

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Zachary Levi is Chuck Bartowski / Reproduction
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